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Personalised Cancer Detection Methods - Molecular Profiling

Hi, My 44 year old, non-smoking, health fanatic Wife was diagnosed in January this year with inoperable lung cancer. She is now on an indefinite chemotherapy plan as a maintenance program. In order to look at secondary treatments we have been advised to get a Molecular profile test conducted.

The test will provide the Oncologist with patient-specific information to help personalize cancer therapy based on the unique biomarkers found within a her tumour.

Has anyone else been put through this type of test and are there any details on treatment plans that have been put in place as a result of the results?

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Hi Andy,

We've got some more information here about targeted therapies

Our helpline can point you in the right direction for more information if you need it on 0333 323 7200 AND press 1.

Hope this helps and best of luck to your wife with her treatment.



Hi Emma,

Thank you for your prompt response to this, the site details are indeed extremely useful and clear to understand.

My Wife has had an EGRF and ALK test, both were negative for the primary matches. We are currently waiting for approval for a Molecular test, we hope this will provide the next level of diagnosis. Do you have any experience or examples of Molecular test processes?

Many thanks




have a look at GRACE:

There are lung cancer experts on there (Dr. Howard Jack West, pulmonary oncologist) who will answer any questions you have about it.

As far as I know its the same as when she was tested for the EGFR/ALK, there are other muations Ros1 is one of them. Only 10% of the populations carry these muations though although you do have a better chance if you are female.

here is another link:


Wishing you and your wife well and the very best of luck



Hi Lynba,

Thank you for all the information here, we are currently trying to get our health insurance company to back the testing. Unfortunately, they have so far refused to support this.

The insurance company are stating that this is experimental and not supported by the NHS, therefore this is not covered!

Do you know of anyone who have had a Molecular test?

I wish you all the best with your treatment as well.

kind regards



Hi Andy,

Hope it was usefull. Insurance companies will do anything not to have to pay!

It may be worth contacting the drug companies direct as if you have the money they will provide testing and the drugs if positive for a one off fee. I know of someone who did this to get Iressa before it was approved by NICE. It cost £12,000 but that was for the drug for as long as it kept working, all follow up with scans etc was continues on the NHS. This is the path I will be taking if there comes a time I need to do so.

I don't know anyone personally I'm afraid who has had olecular testing, but it might be worth asking someone on the 'Inspire' lung cancer forum. It's nearly all Americans but as there insurance covers all things they might know.

Good luck, let me know how you get on.

Lyn x


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