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LUNGevity's Hope Summit WashingtonDC 5th and 6th of May 2012

Good Afternoon Everyone,

First of all I would like to congratulate Mark Harland and all his team responsible for the first issue of our new magazine Inspire,as its name suggests it certainly was.Its presentation is extremely attractive,and all its contents and featured articles made for a entertaining and educational read,cannot wait for issue two.

I am off shortly to the Hope Summit in the USA as from 2nd May,I have been invited to give a presentation to the attendees who will consist of lung cancer survivors from all over the USA and Canada and of course yours truely from the UK.I will be focussing my talk on my experience as a lung cancer survivor and advocate for the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation,expressing greetings from everyone here and all the work we are involved in raising awareness of lung cancer issues and fundraising.To make the most of this oppertunity to speak at this conference,I welcome any suggestions and comments you may wish me to include in my presentation.I never forget for a moment in being a advocate,that I am not representing myself, but all the many lung cancer survivors,carers and supporters here within the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

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Good luck Eric. If I think of anything, I'll let you know.



Hi Eric

Have a great trip and thank you for speaking about our work and representing everyone so well. I am sure we are all right behind you with what you are doing. Look forward to the update when you return. Enjoy the visit, take care.

Joanna x


Thank you Bill and Joanna,for your good wishes.For those of you who would like to follow my USA trip,you may be interested to know that last year I did a seven week holiday/raising lung cancer awareness, whereby I had a website provided by LUNGevity to which I did a daily blog and posted my in my photographs,to allow everyone to follow my travels,this site is still available and will be used on this coming trip.The address is:-


good luck Eric, not that you need it xx


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