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Dont give up

Hello, i just want you all to never give up stay posotive.

i was diagnosed with none small cell lung cancer aged 40 in 2006..

my stage was T4 N1 M0, at this stage it was thought none curative... my medical notes says none curative......

March 28th 2012 i was given the all clear......

during this time i have also been diagnosed with brain anurysums & an Avm,

but i never give up & have gone on to receive an Alevel in photography,

i am now trying to put my story in writing in a book to inspire others, Take care of yourselves. xxxxxxxxxxx

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Well done! We need everyone to encourage others to be positive. It's not easy but it's worth it. Good luck with the book project. I'd often thought of trying something like that, but never got round to it.

Best wishes, Bill


Thanks Bill.

I know i am so lucky to be here today, it would not be fair of me to ignore that...

i feel for all the people suffering, thats not just the person with the desease, it effects everybody who knows that person.........

I cant run a marathon to help, but i can try and write a book.


What an excellent idea to write a book it does help to read of other peoples experiences and congratulations on the all clear take care of yourself.


That is such a great thing to hear, I was diagnosed 12 months ago T4, N1 Mxa, non curable.

I decided right from the word go I wasn't giving up. I think staying 'positive' and 'active' and key factors so i spread positivity where ever I go .

Good luck with the writing!

Lyn x



Thank you for sharing your story of the successful fight you have had against lung cancer.Happy stories are much appreciated by survivors here,well done on completing six years of survivorship,best wishes to you for many more.I am a keen photographer myself,congratulations on passing the A level.I do hope you will persist in your ambition to write your story,I will be only too pleased to buy a copy.


Hi, well done you. Can I ask what treatment you had? I'm T3b N1 M0 and am about to have my last chemo on Tuesday. I was told this week that anything else but chemo would be too dangerous because my tumour is in the centre of my lung right next to my windpipe. I was also told to do what I want and go where I want now while I still feel well enough and not to wait! Meanwhile I look and feel as fit as a fiddle (have been since I was diagnosed last October) so I can't believe what I'm being told. The chemo I've had so far has shrunk the tumour by half and although I've had the usual side effects I've coped with them quite well. I'd appreciate any information on how you've beaten it. Thanks and well done again.


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