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Cruise insurance

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Hi there

We were thinking of going on a cruise but the insurance costs more than the cruise itself I was quoted £1500

Is there anybody who has a recommendation anybody cheaper

Looks like we might be staying in good ole Blighty !😭

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Hi Rusty821 It's really annoying isn't it, at a time when holidays are so important.

We tried to get a proper cancer insurance policy but really struggled, mostly "computer said no" or the cost was ridiculous.

There's a really helpful article from Which? here, which lists many of the providers and explains how each does the medical screening. As you'll see, most of them use a provider called "Verisk".

What this means is that most of them use the same software behind the scenes - so if one of then says no, others in that 'family' will say no too. There are some providers that will insure you by personal underwriting - we tried this as well and made some progress but the cost was crazy and they needed letters from the consultant, copies of scans etc.

So I gave up and we just use the family policy that comes with our bank account. We've had to tell them about my husband's cancer and they've written to confirm that anything to do with his cancer won't be insured but any other cover remains in place. This may be an option for you if you are reasonably confident that you can have your holiday without any cancer related issues coming up.

Hope you find something and manage to make the cruise.

Sarah x

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Rusty821 in reply to sassassas

Hi Sarah Thanks for info thinking more now of holidaying in Blighty as it seems the insurance cover is ridiculously overpriced, I’m going to be a nana again in December and thought we’d have a roam on the sea before baby comes as pardon the pun it will be all hands on deck then 🙄 but if the weathers nice it will do

Hope alls well your end xx

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sassassas in reply to Rusty821

How exciting! I'm sure you'll have a wonderful holiday - whether it may be!

Sarah x

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Calmrain in reply to Rusty821

Hi Rusty. Try I have NSCLC and was quoted a very reasonable £33 For 1 week in Portugal. I have just checked their website and they do cruise too. Good luck. Janet

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Rusty821 in reply to Calmrain

Hi Janet thanks for that I will have a look at their website you never know xLinda

I have heard insure with is good too. I have also used MIA. It is difficult to get the right insurance at the right price and a lot of hassle. I think cruises can be even higher because of the infection risk. Hope you find what you need x

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Rusty821 in reply to Bow-19

Hi Bow thanks for that just thought it would be nice to get away maybe we will do something in this country Glad you are doing well gosh 9 years have you changed meds often

I was on afatinib for almost 2 years had terrible skin though I was on top dose of 50mg I have egfr but it decided to have a nibble at my hip hence on tagrisso now

We will keep looking for a destination don’t fancy flying Iv seen the airports and I always wear a mask still 😜xx

Yes 8.5 years. Had chemotherapy first, then maintenance chemotherapy as TKIs not available then 1st line. Then crizotinib and now on Brigatinib. Have had radiotherapy to eye and brain along the way too.

Wishing you all the best with your TKIs etc

I am still wearing a mask too. We are sticking to U.K. holidays, Scotland is our go to place.

I hope you find the best place for you whether it be a cruise or the U.K.

I remember precovid I got a cruise quote and it came back as more than the cruise too.

Wishing you the best response to your treatment too xx

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Rusty821 in reply to Bow-19

Thankyou I hope I go on well into my eighties you never know they seem to be focusing on lung cancer more treatment wise so 🤞

I hope so too

Hello Rusty821,

There are some very good suggestions for insurance above, we have a booklet "Travelling, going on holiday with lung cancer", it has some excellent information for going on holiday or travelling abroad, pages 30-34 have some insurance company suggestions

Roy Castle Support Team

Know how frustrating this is - and didn't travel overseas for 6 years after my lung cancer surgery but then managed to get insurance but had to take out individual policies for me whilst my partner (diabetes and older than me) could get annual insurance. The pandemic has really hit respiratory cover due to covid impacting respiratory health and 'not covering anything related to the cancer' can be a multitude of issues - as humidity, temperature, inclines, recycled air and other factors can play into respiratory health resulting in breathlessness that may warrant medical evacuation. Insurance with has recently restarted cover and covers those with advanced disease using old fashioned brokering/risk assessment - I've found different policies/brokers/providers were cheaper or not for different destinations so for example a 3 day trip to Portugal for work next month has come in at over £500 from saga whilst our trip to Italy for 2 of us on one of their holidays after declaring all health risks has been covered on their 'acceptable risks'. I'd just taken out an annual cover for the first time in 2020 with Saga when the pandemic struck as they'd changed their 'cancer question' from 'have you ever had a cancer diagnosis?' to 'in the last 5 years have you had a cancer diagnosis". A recent conversation to book the latest holiday resulted having to speak to their insurer broker but cover was given. I've used sites like paying too much, medical travel compared, all clear, stay sure, covercloud, getting and others... a case of having to shop around...we had a short break t Jersey last September - close enough and short flight but still different for us. good luck.

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Rusty821 in reply to JanetteR57

Hi JanetteIt’s a nightmare 🙈we decided maybe go on a barge for a week snd perhaps rent a motor home for a week and see how we get on, might go to the lakes and if we enjoy it might get a motor home ( not sure about barge but will give it a go ) 😂

Thanks for your tips anyway


We went from extensive travellers to having several short breaks in the Uk each year (pre pandemic) and visited some lovely places including the Lakes, Dorset, North Norfolk, Derbyshire but then my dad was ill with cancer again in summer 2016 (and had to step in looking after my mum with Alzheimer's) which I found exhausting and wanted a holiday in the sun even if the insurance was a much as the trip. Managed to get a reasonable premium for Greece and on return booked a trip to Vietnam, then Cambodia/Malaysia, Bali and in between went to Greece (different place), Spain, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Germany, Ireland but it's quite a faff shopping around each time.... and have given up on countries like USA and Canada which my partner would love to return to at some point.

Since pandemic we had weekends in London, Liverpool, Edinburgh, and rearranged cancelled Montenegro trip by swapping to Jersey.... hope you can find something that gives you the change of scenery and hopefully somebody else cooking/looking after your needs.... good luck.

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