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Navelbine capsule experiences

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Had left lung removed last year but learned cancer now in remaining right lung. Oncologist has suggested oral chemotherapy treatment using Vinorelbine (navelbine) capsules as a middle, gentler path than intravenous route but hopefully more beneficial than no treatment. Does anyone have any experience of this treatment please before I decide to go ahead. Thank you so much

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Dear ginja3

Welcome to the forum and sorry to hear you have lung cancer.

Navelbine can be given either oral or intravenously, it works by stopping the cancer cells dividing therefore stops growth and spread of the cancer.

This link from Cancer Research UK provides information on the drug:

Hope you hear from others who have been on the tablets and if you have any questions do ask your lung cancer nurse specialist or oncology teams again.

You may wish to consider starting the treatment and see how you go with them and reassess.

If you would like to discuss anything you can either email us at or call our freephone nurse led helpline number on 0800 35807200 Monday to Thursday 0900-1700 and Friday 0900-1600

All the very best

The Roy Castle Support Team

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