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Immunotherapy Schedule

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I'm being put forward for Immunotherapy after very successful Chemo & Radiotherapy.

Understand that the procedure will be every 3 weeks, but what happens if there is a clash with other events?

For instance I intend to book a few holidays in 2022, would it be allowed to postpone treatments if they clashed with holidays booked?

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I am sure if you discuss your proposed holiday plans with your specialist they will work around them to a certain extent given your recent 'good news'.

Best wishes,

All the helpline support team at the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

Yes they will work around ur holidays

Many thanks for all replies

Best wishes on immunotherapy! I did it for 5 1/2 years and pretty much stayed stable with very few side effects!

Fantastic to hear Seaspray298. What type did you have?

Opdivo for 4 1/2 years and Tecentriq for 1 1/2 years.

Immunotherapy.I would book your holiday around treatment I had Nivolumab for two years When having we managed holidays around treatment. My treatment was every two weeks.

Hi Beatless Great to hear you're planning a few holidays!

Yes, they should be able to accommodate small changes to your schedule. My husband delayed his by a week in the summer and now has brought it forward through December to avoid Christmas. The medical team have been very relaxed about doing this.

Hope the new treatment goes well.

Sarah x

Thanks for all the help

My man ,ie Oncologist has said "There are no visible signs of cancer on the scan" but wants me to go onto Keytruda" as a maintenance & to mop up individual cancer cell that he can't see.

Got to trust him, but does this seem reasonable?

Yes. Quite often a sneaky little cancer cell gets away and circulates for a while before attaching somewhere and building a new mass. It’s thought that 2 years on an immunotherapy after treatment will teach the body’s immune system to fund those stray cells.

Another two years of doubt! But must go on

I just had TKR and they were able to adjust my Avastin schedule. Good luck!!

Hi, I'm feeling a little worried and anxious. My friend had a lumpectomy 2 weeks ago and the lymph nodes were removed from her armpit. Is it normal that the armpit area feels like there is a lump there?

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