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Surgery Over

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Had my surgery last Thursday ant the lead up was all very scary. I was admitted to hospital the evening before and my op was at 2 Thursday afternoon. Everything went very well and I was sat up with a piece of toast and a cup of tea by 11pm. The following morning the drain was removed and I walked the short distance from HDU to the ward. Had a day and a night there, saw the physio and was discharged and home on Saturday.

So much better and much more comfortable in my own bed. Pain managed with paracetamol and each day feeling a bit stronger. I’ve slept lots and just going with it. See the-consultant in 2 weeks for review and hopefully won’t need any further treatment.

I have been extremely well looked after by everyone involved and can’t thank all the doctors nurses and support staff enough xx

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Dear Brookbond

Thank you so much for sharing your experience of your lung surgery, this will be very encouraging for many to read and hopefully reduce their anxiety.

Hope you continue to keep well.

Kind regards

The Roy Castle Support Team

Helpline support nurse 0800 358 7200/

That's lovely to hear, Brookbond. Hope you recover well.Sarah x

Hi, I’m so glad that you’ve had your operation and are recovering well, your experience sounds very similar to mine. It’s lovely to be home again afterwards but do rest lots still, so easy to overdo things.

Take care x

Hi I'm so glad you're surgery went so well this has been so uplifting for me as I type this my wonderful identical twin sister is in surgery (8.30am this morning) so glad you have posted about your progress onwards and upwards may I wish you all the health in the world xxxx

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Brookbond in reply to Yellowhen

Thank you for your reply. If your lovely twin sister is having the same procedure as me I’m sure she will have a similar experience. She will be well looked after and kept as pain free as possible. Try not to worry and I wish her a speedy recovery. You’ll be back together before you know it. Lots of love xx

Thanks for posting your experience - it can really help others and reduce anxiety - wishing you a speedy recovery.

Thanks so much for your reply much appreciated she is still in surgery waiting on tender hooks but your post was just what I needed thanks so very much xxx

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JanetteR57 in reply to Yellowhen

sometimes much worse to be the relative than the patient - hope she's ok - do let us know how she got on....

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Brookbond in reply to Yellowhen

Hi there just wondering how your lovely sister is getting on? Hope all went well. I had a good day yesterday but not feeling great today. I was told to expect that. Just a bit uncomfortable that’s all. Stitches out tomorrow which I’m sure will help as I can feel everything knitting together. Thinking of you both and sending much love xx

What a lovely lady you are the surgery went really well they done keyhole she thought it was going to be open surgery they have a epidural in for pain relief so didn't feel much pain yesterday but maybe not so good today she is up walking about a little bit and sitting on the chair but best off all the surgeon came round last night and seemed really pleased with how it all went he says they think they have got it all can't tell you how please and delighted I was it's been such a tough 3 months Brookbond please keep in touch and let me know how you are doing and thanks so much for your reply lots off love xxx

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