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Do you want to join our new virtual support sessions?

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Hello all

In the last year we have expanded our virtual support services. As part of our Lung Cancer Connect services we are providing sessions for groups of people including "Managing during treatment" and "Caring for someone with lung cancer" as well as sessions for people with genetic mutation cancers and those living with lung cancer.

If you are interested in finding our more and registering your interest the web link is included below. We are also developing new digital content, phone sessions and targeted programmes in areas such as small cell; surgery and end of life care. Your feedback on what is of interest to you and where you would like more support is welcomed and will help shape our programme going forward.

or call on 0333 323 7200 option 2 or email

best wishes


@Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

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Hi Lorraine this sounds like a really good idea but I'm not sure I can do this it's one thing writing on here but different taking about it face to face. x

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LorraineDAdministrator in reply to Ollie13

Hello Ollie

Completely understand, it is about having the right kind of support for you. We are developing options of phone and digital. We also recognise that this community is part of the range of services, so it is about giving people the choice of what works best for them. That might be different at varying stages of diagnosis, treatment and focusing on living well for now.

best wishes


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Ollie13 in reply to LorraineD

Hi Lorraine think I will leave it at the moment I'm not sure if I can do this at the moment. Not confident to speak on line at the moment but thank you.

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