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Holiday Insurance

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Can anyone recommend a good holiday insurance company for lung cancer patients? TIA

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I just took out regular holiday insurance - it won’t cover anything from the cancer though. Depends where your going, if your oncologist says you’ll be ok to travel etc. If you specifically want to cover the cancer check MSE and Macmillan they have some. Enjoy your holiday! :)

Thank you 👍

Hi. I'm currently away in Zante and took out travel insurance with Saga that included cover for lung cancer. It's not cheap but well worth covering yourself correctly. I also got a quote via All Clear. I'm an insurance broker.

Thank you. I will take a look 👍😀

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Dear Songbird1969

This is the link to our travel booklet and on page 24 you will find a list of travel insurance companies:

Hope you have a lovely holiday

The Roy Castle Support Team

Thank you. I will take a look 👍😀

I have used Goodtogoinsurance,for my cruise. I found they where more reasonable than others. Hope it helps and enjoy your

Thanks for your reply. I will look into that 👍😀

Hi I found a few on Roy Castle page some were very pricy in the end I took out one with Boots. Omg it took nearly 1 hour on the telephone but I was honest and we went through everything and yes I was pleasantly surprised at the cost. Shop around and be honest so at least if anything goes wrong your covered. Good luck x

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Songbird1969 in reply to Ollie13

Thank you for your reply and honesty 🙂

I have used MIA and thought they were very good. Hope you find one for you at the right price and enjoy your holiday

Really important to find one that covers the condition - and that you declare it - it will depend on your treatment , diagnosis and recency of condition as well as the country you're planning to visit. I started travelling again in 2016 (5 years post my diagnosis) and have travelled long haul and short haul for work and leisure - different companies were more competitive for some markets and others for others. I used travel comparison sites - Paying too much" and usually found a few that met my needs. the main one I knew that would insure those with a terminal diagnosis even on palliative care were "insurance with..."but the pandemic has changed things. in Sept 2019 I was finally able to take out an annual policy as Saga changed their policy question from 'have you ever been diagnosed with cancer'? to"in the last 5 years have you been diagnosed with Cancer?" I phoned them to check this was correct and they said their brokers said for the age group they insure, the 5 year limit meant they were no more at risk than others . look out for medical evacuation expenses which may be necessary for those who get into breathing difficulties... and look at the climate where you're going as some temperatures, humidity levels can set off breathing disorders....I've just returned from a few days in jersey and getting insurance was expensive - so I didn't bother taking out an annual policy this time as this travel was only on the horizon to use up credit from last year's cancelled holiday . One company Good toGo has just been taken over by AllClear who cover cancers.... Shop around - but ensure that the cover you buy actually covers your situation - nothing more expensive than cheap cover that doesn't cover you for the tens of thousands that medical bills can run into in other countries.... not trying to scare but had a colleague who had to remortgage her house to cover her medical bills on one holiday and another where the GP practice set up a fundraising page to bring back the body of a relative who'd died on their holiday.... there's lots of helpful info here...

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