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Just finishing Chemo next is radiotherapy

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Just about to finish Chemo & Radiotherapy schedule is planed out. I note that they give me a scan to start radiotherapy, to establish position of problem

But will they give me a scan before this to establish tumor reduction %??

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I had my scan 3 months after radiotherapy as before then they can not see the tumour properly . The one before is to be able to mark out where the cancer is so they can nark u up with tiny dots as to where they need the Radiopharpy to go . Hope this helps Elaine

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Beatless in reply to Lainey100

But if they can do a scan to mark mark to find where the radio beam should go, I would have thought they could see the tumor.

Also i had a scan after 50% of chemo & they could see the progress of shrinkage.

So I feel there is something incorrect with your reply.

Does anybody else have a view?

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Lainey100 in reply to Beatless

Radiopharpy is different and leaves scaring, also radiotherapy continues to work for a time after your last treatment . That’s what I was told . Just had my first consultation 3 monthly .my tumour is stable and in 3 months toile my oncologist will have another scan to compare with slso . I suggest you ring your cancer nurse for further information

Hi Beatles I agree with Lainey100 if you weren't going straight into radiotherapy straight after chemotherapy I think they would have done a normal scan to check your tumor and cancer. So really the scan you are about to have is to line up for the machine to know where to target, and like said before they tattoo and yes I mean permanent tattoo dots on your body to line up the machine for each treatment. This will all be explained at your appointment. I would then think you have to wait 3 months after treatment finishes then have a Pet/Ct scan to check results. I know what you are asking but my only suggestion is when you next talk to your oncologist ask the question they are there to help and advise you. Good luck with the Radiotherapy 🤞 x

Ollie, Many thanks

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