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My husband was diagnosed with small cell lung cancer in 2020. He has had chemo with immunotherapy, which worked. Then immunotherapy alone which didn’t so was stopped. Then he had a 2nd cycle of same chemo which hasn’t worked and the tumour is still growing! Is anyone further along the line and can give us some hope???

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Hi Italiana I'm sorry to hear the treatment is has stopped helping. It sounds like your husband's tumour has become resistant to the 1st line treatment. There are 2nd and 3rd line treatments which will be different to the 1st line and work in different ways, so please don't think nothing else will work.

There are also different immunotherapies. Have you discussed a biopsy with your oncology team to see if the tumour has any characteristics that will respond to alternative immunos?

Hope that helps, and best wishes to him.


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Italiana in reply to sassassas

Thank you for your positive reply. We have an appmt at Christie’s on Tuesday so I will put these things to the oncologist there. He is very well in himself so would be able to take further treatments. 🤞🤞we can do something more.

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sassassas in reply to Italiana

Brilliant to hear that he's well in himself - that's so helpful for the oncologists as they won't be limited with what they can recommend next. My husband and I are working really hard on his general health and fitness to try and make sure that all options are open when he needs his next type of treatment. Do let us know how you get on xx

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Hi Italiana,

I am sorry to hear about your husbands diagnosis. I have attached a link to our booklet ‘Understanding small cell lung cancer’ which discuses treatment options.

In page16 there are examples of some questions you may want to ask the specialist when you see him on Tuesday.

You can also ask about any clinical trials. Getting into a trial is often based on being able to meet some very specific criteria. The specialist will be able to tell you if your husband is eligible for a clinical trial.

I have attached a link for Cancer Research UK for the trials which are available in the UK.

Kind regards,

All the ‘Ask the nurse’ helpline support team

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