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Time from finishing cycles until scans?

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Hi. I was just wondering what the typical sort of time is between finishing chemo cycles and radiotherapy before having scans etc to see how much they’ve worked? My dad is currently in that ‘waiting’ part and I’m trying not to nag him about chasing up appts but he’s always so vague when he’s had his meetings with his Drs due to going to them all on his own due to covid restrictions. Thanks x

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Hello Worriedkiddo,

The difficult part once a therapy is finished is waiting for check up appointments and scans. Once treatments such radiotherapy or chemotherapy are complete you are likely to have an appointment with the oncologist between at between 2 and 6 weeks, then repeat scans at around 12 weeks, although each center will have its own protocols for this, if you are concerned that it is taking to long I would contact the Lung Cancer Nurse Specialist who will have access to your dads notes and can give you information on dates and time scales of when to expect appointments.

If you would like to discuss anything you can either email us at lungcancerhelp@roycastle.org or call our free phone nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200

Kind regards

The Roy Castle Support Team

My dad had his 4th cycle of chemotherapy and immunotherapy the 8th January and then a CT scan the 16th of January. Results were discussed 25th January.He’s had 2 double doses of immunotherapy 6 weeks apart on the 5th February and the 19th March and then had a CT scan the 20th April and results will be discussed 10th May.

He has another double dose of immunotherapy this week on Friday if his bloods are ok today.

He has a phone call from the Oncologist about once a month.

My dads lung nurse has said one person can always go to my dads meetings with the Oncologist as it’s cancer related but just not into treatment with my dad. He’s only seen the Oncologist once though as it’s been phone calls only since.

You can always ask you dad to call you and put you on speaker phone if the hospital won’t let you in, then you can be there just not in person xxx

Hiya I was told 2/3 months as radiotherapy still continues to work so they want it to settle down. Also too early they only can see scaring .

I’m now going to have immunotherapy treatment as my lung cancer is inoperable, and a scan will be done 3 weeks after my last radiotherapy next Wednesday . So it depends what if any other treatment your dad has. When I go for consultations would it be possible for you to listen in on audio my sister does for me As it’s easy to miss stuff .

My sister listens and asks a few questions in the end .

Perhaps he’s sketchy because he’s not understanding stuff or like my late husband don’t want to know .

There’s also a cancer nurse your dad could ask if he’s not understanding. I’ve found this helpful . Hope this helps

Elaine Chelmsford City

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