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Tested positive for covid AGAIN

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Well had a test Tuesday with ONS tested negative went into Poole hospital for a pre test for covid Friday and heard today from NHS that I've tested positive.

That puts my start of Radiotherapy on Tuesday in jeopardy 😪. The test I had on Tuesday was swabbing throat and nose the test I had in the hospital was a test of the bottom of my nose. Very confused as due to the cancer returning and about to start Radiotherapy treatment not sure if it will go ahead. Tried to explain this to NHS track and trace but not interested as positive test out ways the negative. So I took it upon myself to go get tested again today having the throat and nose test will have to wait for results. Will speak to the hospital staff tomorrow but can't see my treatment starting next week. So stressed out at everything so we await the hospital's decision tomorrow 🙄 x

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So sorry to hear this. How utterly frustrating. Hope it doesn’t delay your radiotherapy too long . Sending best wishes that you don’t become ill with Covid, all is soon organized for your radiotherapy and it is effective. x

Hopefully the latest test will be negative. You can get false positives so if this test is negative stress that to the hospital or the Oncologist. The hospital can do a test that’s back within a couple of hours too.

Keeping my crossed you can start the treatment xxx

Speak to your hospital they might allow the treatment to go ahead in different conditions and a different time so they can clean after you. Best of luck xx

Dear Ollie13It is understandable your frustration with this, hope your test comes back negative and hope you stay well. Wait and see what the hospital staff say as they will have to go by their hospital policy and you want to be in the best place in your health that you can be, to receive your radiotherapy.

If you would like to discuss anything our email is lungcancerhelp@roycastle.org or our free phone nurse led helpline number is 0800 358 7200 Monday to Thursday 0900-1700 and Friday 0900-1600

All the very best

The Roy Castle Suppor Team

Sorry to hear of your delays. Wishing you good luck with your results .Hoggy x

sorry to read of your frustration - as others have said, their protocol is that a positive test means a temporary pause until you have a negative test so hope that happens before too long. thinking of you.

Hello I’m the same only a week out of isolation and a pre op test says I’m postive but the tests I do at home are all negative have to wait to see what happens to the Bronscope on Wednesday. Hope everything went ok for you xx

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Ollie13 in reply to Schoolta

Hi Schoolta good luck for Wednesday. Although I tested positive for covid I was asymptomatic and the hospital went ahead and started my Radiotherapy treatment. However for the first week I was treated as a red patient Poole hospital goes on 14 days rather than 10 days as by the government guidelines. I had to go in the back door and treated last patient of the day.Thankfully this week I am allowed to use the front door 😁 and treated as a normal patient. Thanks for asking and take care hope you are also asymptomatic 🤞. x

Thank you for your reply I’ve had a consultant ring this morning who’s going to see what’s the best especially as I’ve had covid & my home test are saying ok, I can understand their worry it is a Bronscope and covid is respiratory. Will let you know xx

Good luck and yes let me know take care xx

Hello it’s been cancelled 😩till next Friday &another COVID test next Tuesday .The pet scan can go ahead next Wednesday and a lung function test for Tuesday so il have a busy week xxxHope you are well x

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Ollie13 in reply to Schoolta

Sorry to hear that. Do you have any covid symptoms? At least your getting your PET scan hopefully results are in your favour. Radiotherapy is quite painful now and I've got 4 left to do. Good luck with your tests next week 🤞 xx

Hello no I’ve symptoms Its just a waiting game. Anyway enough about me I do hope you are doing well sounds like you have a good family around you. Hope the Radiotherapy is a little easier for you. Please keep in touch xx

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Ollie13 in reply to Marymaryd

Hi hope your keeping well. Yes I hate the waiting game too it's so frustrating. Yes I do have a good family around couldn't ask for better. I'm finding Radiotherapy brutal I've just finished my 10th treatment 3 more to go thank god. Then wait 3 months to have a scan to see if it worked. I'm in a lot of pain when I drink or eat 😥 the lung cancer nurse has put me on morphine and something to cool the oesophagus so hopefully this will work. Trying smoothies as instructed but still tender. Hoping the new medication works it's so distressing. Stay safe and look after yourself ❤❤xx

Aww really hope you start feeling better when eating & drinking it must be so hard. Today I got a call now I to have a MRI when I questioned why I was told it is protocol so out of 7 days next week I’m at different hospitals for 5 different tests but at least I should find out . Hope you improve everyday & keep up with the smoothies xx

Hello hope your well.Finally all tests done in between COVID swabs and showing positive etc it’s wasn’t an old infection it is lung cancer. Hoping to do concurrent treatment but after another ct scan that’s not possible so it’s chemo . At the moment I’ve a chest infection so treatment is delayed for another wk .x

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Ollie13 in reply to Schoolta

That's a bummer showing positive hope you had no symptoms like me. What type of lung cancer have they diagnosed. Stay safe and well . x

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Schoolta in reply to Ollie13

Hello sorry late reply now treatment is near I’m starting to think about it I start Monday I have Non small cell lung cancer. Was due to have concurrent chemo-radiation that’s not possible now so I’m having chemo Gemcitabine & Cisplatin. How are you doing ? X

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Ollie13 in reply to Schoolta

Hi hope your safe and well. Good luck for the start of your treatment 🤞 it goes well and not too many side effects. Thankfully I'm much better after the Radiotherapy not kidding it was hard going. Now the usual wait to get PET scan in July to see if it worked. Keep in touch let me know how your treatment goes. xx

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Marymaryd in reply to Ollie13

Thanks for reply how long have you been having treatment for? Hope all stays well for you I’m excited to start just to get rid of it and be normal scared about the treatment and side effects you read so much but please God I’ll get through it ok xx

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Ollie13 in reply to Marymaryd

Hi Mary Hope you are well. I started if with Immunotherapy for 10 months. Came off that due to side effects but it gad done its job. Earlier this year a scan showed the cancer had come back in 3 lymph nodes. Had Radiotherapy on 2 off them. It was brutal now waiting till July yo have PET scan to see if successful and how 3rd node is. Everyone is scared of their treatment that is normal. Never be afraid to ask your care team any questions and always tell them of your side effects there is medication to help. I wish you good luck for your journey ahead. You will come out the other end stay strong and optimistic ❤❤

Had a pre chemo Covid test 27th April from Poole. Came back positive so my husband and I self isolted for the 10 days and I missed my chemo. Was told at next chemo on Friday 14th May that following re testing at Brisol had turned a negative result. A bit annoyed that my chemo was delayed by 2 weeks knocking out forward planning for events in the near future. It's been a pain having inperable lung cancer all during g the pandemic, hasn't it? Oh well. Onward and upwards; I'm doing OK anyway so reasons to be cheerful 1,2,3!!Keep on keeping g on, folks.

Mags x

Don't know what's going on at Poole but at least my Radiotherapy went ahead albeit last appointment of the day. Shame your chemo was cancelled for a few weeks 😡. Good luck let me know how you get on where are you having your chemo. Must admit the Radiotherapy was brutal because one lymph node was near my oesophagus it burnt it😪 I had a terrible 2 to 3 weeks of hell. So good luck stay safe and well. x

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