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Newbie looking for advice


Hi, I'm about to have a lower left lobectomy. I'm a very fit 67 year old that runs and cylcles. I was wondering if there are any more runners on here that have had a similar operation? How long was you in hospital and how long after did you start running again?

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I had the middle and lower lobes on the right side removed 5 weeks ago and started back out on my bike about a week ago. Not started running yet, but will do this week.

How long was you in hospital?

9 days

Not a runner but a distance swimmer. I had upper left lobectomy in Dec 2010 and was back swimming by the end of March 2011. I waited until I saw the surgeon in follow up to seek permission to restart swimming as my wound had started to open up at its base which I assumed was due to showering every day and maybe being too vigorous with the suggested exercises. He said I should have started sooner as the muscles would have shortened that they cut and it would be painful. I'd walked most days post surgery building up stamina over time as he'd said recovery would be better if I kept active. I was in hospital 6 days (open surgery i.e. thoracotomy) By the time I saw the surgeon in the June I was back to my 130 lengths per session (previously swam 3-4 times per week) and went onto develop that into much further, more frequent than I ever had with two whole lungs... going onto swim 969 miles in a year (5-6 swims a week) , and 360 lengths in a single session (5.25 hours) within 18 months of surgery, to raise money for the UK lung charity, Roy Castle lung cancer foundation. You may find their downloadable book on lung surgery helpful about the procedure itself and expected milestones in your recovery. good luck.


Dear Anotherbadname

Welcome to the forum and hope your operation goes well. Everyone is different in their recovery and as JanetteR57 has suggested to look at our booklet on lung surgery where you can find the after care and timelines on what to expect.

There are some encouraging stories from those with lung cancer and can be found on this link, including those who have been very fit and active prior to their diganosis:

If there is anything you would like to discuss you can either email us at or call our freephone nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200

Kind regards

The Roy Castle Support Team


I had a right upper lobectomy back in 2015 via keyhole surgery having been diagnosed with Stage 3b adenocarcinoma. I was 43 years old, fit and a regular runner. I had had some chemo and radiotherapy before surgery. I was operated on on a Wednesday and discharged on the Saturday.

I was back running 5k three weeks later (having checked with surgeon). I hadn’t wanted to wear a sports bra much before this as it went right over the site of my drain stitch. Four months after lobectomy I ran Snowdonia marathon and am still out and about running regularly.

Hope this helps and hope all goes well.


Ian_cee in reply to Janey_H

Hi, Just read your bio and sounds like you've been through alot. I've got Chemo & Radio lined up and am struggling coming to terms with how it came to this.

Thanks. That's reassuring. I'm hoping to be back running as soon as possible.

When you are first diagnosed it is all a bit of a whirlwind of tests, scans and new terminology etc. You fall into a ‘new normal’ a bit. Go with it and try to take the positives eg. you are fit and so recovery time from surgery will be improved.

There is lots of help and support on the forum from people who understand what you are going through and the Roy Castle helpline members.

Keep sight of your running goal. Take one thing at a time and try not to let things overwhelm you.

Take care


Got the phone call today. Operation is next Thursday. This is bowel cancer that has spread. This will be my 4th operation. Hope it's the last.

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