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Scan verdict, reason to be positive?!

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So mum got her results today. She’s been on pem / carb chemo for 3 infusions and the doctor wasn’t happy with the progress. He didn’t say that it had spread to new organs, just that it wasn’t working well enough to continue. So that’s a blow ideally we wanted shrinkage.... however... she’s now being put on Keytruda. I’ve read up on this new drug and how effective it’s been for some people. I guess we’re lucky she can have it. Onwards and upwards I guess! The battle rolls on!

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I have nearly completed two years on Keytruda/pembrolizumab. I had a skin reaction at the start, which was sorted with oral steroids, but have found it far easier to tolerate than chemo. It has kept my disease (nsclc with bone mets) stable. I only have the PDL1 expression at 5% so know I am lucky to have had this response. My experience has therefore been really positive and hope this proves to be the case for your Mum too.

Sending best wishes and positivity. 🌻🌺

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LewLew19 in reply to Manninmaid

Thanks for sharing your experience, aren’t we so lucky to be able to have this drug option when it didn’t exist not so long ago. What great news you’ve had such a response!! Long may that continue! X

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Manninmaid in reply to LewLew19

Thank you and yes we are indeed very lucky 😊 x

Hello LewLew19,

Hopefully this change to Keytruda will start to make a difference, as you can see from manninmaid's answer some people will respond very well to this drug, as you have said its important to stay positive.

Kind regards

Roy Castle Helpline

I hope this will make a difference for your mum. My husband has had 4 infusions of this along with the same chemo combo as your mum. He had his ct scan yesterday and will get the result on Monday. He has been positive through his whole cancer journey which started last November so I’m hoping this is working for him. Wishing you and your mum the very best x

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LewLew19 in reply to Spananf

Thanks so much for your kind words. All the very best to your husband and to you, I have hope. It’s a rocky road but we have options and treatments which means there’s hope for us yet. X

I have been on Keytruda for nearly 12 months (stage IV NSCLC with brain and adrenal mets) it is working well with manageable side effects. Wishing you mum best of luck with new treatment - try to stay strong and positive! Love to both x

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LewLew19 in reply to Elt79

Bless you, thanks for sharing your positive experience. I hope mum has the same, it’s all the worry of the unknown at the moment as we’re waiting for her to start treatment. Best of wishes to you, take care x

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