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Nerve pain after vats Lobectomy

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Hi folks- yes I have nerve pain and I’m back to the gp today to get meds to help with the pain. I tried to stop the dihydrocideine but I’m afraid I couldn’t cope with the pain. Lung nurse and consultant talked about taking Amitriptyline for this pain. I’m fit to fly in 3 weeks for a holiday but want to get this under control before then. What experience do any of you have on drugs for this sort of pain? How long will I be on them and do they work. I’m struggling to sleep without an added sleeping tablet . Don’t want to end up dependent. Before all this I would only every take paracetamol in an emergency!!

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I took Gabapentin for excruciating nerve pain after vats lobectomy last year. Very effective although took a few days to build up the dose. Was on it for about a month or so as I recollect.

Thanks I got Gabapentin yday and Amitriptyline for nighttime. Just started taking them so fingers crossed. Good to know- thank you .

Dear Alison

Sorry to hear about your nerve pain, both Gabapentin and Amitriptyline should help. With the Amitriptyline, it is not unusual to have some pain relief within a day or two and will hopefully help you sleep also.

Duration of nerve pain can vary from person to person, some don't have any, others around 50 days, some a little longer.

Perhaps give yourself until you return from your holiday and you can then have both your pain and medication reassessed.

Hope you have a great holiday and feel more comfortable soon.

All the best

The Roy Castle Support Team

0800 358 7200

Thanks so much.

Like you, I didn't take painkillers even for headaches prior to my lobectomy and couldn't have the morphine as I had a nasty reaction. I feared addiction and also didn't like the constipation the cocodamol had caused. I came off painkillers too soon - and a nurse at the walk in centre when I had to have the wound dressed and packed a month after surgery explained about the need to take two different families of painkiller to get pain under control . One a more fast acting one and one that needs to be in your bloodstream 24 hours a day so i was given diclofenac and a more general (think it was stronger than paracetamol) and that did the job. In Jun 2015 I had a trapped nerve in my elbow affecting my hand/arm and had surgery in the October to reposition it - I was prescribed amitryptaline for that - it comes in different strengths (and therefore different side effects) but was effective for the nerve pain. hope you enjoy your holiday and that your recovery improves soon.

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AlisonPK in reply to JanetteR57

Thanks for your reply .

It seems some suffer more pain than others. I had complication of air leak and ended up in hospital 2 weeks but I stopped all pain relief after 4 days. I did feel pain especially in my back but i used hot water bottle at night in a propped up position I layed on bottle. I done this in hospital and at home. I also done exercises every day even in hospital( what i could anyway). Sorry your having so much pain. Hope it will soon subside

Thanks. Started new meds so fingers crossed.

Hi Alison, I can relate to what you are going through. I also had a left Lobectomy in April which left me with terrible nerve pain. I tried Amytriptaline but didn't help, now on Gabapentin. It has helped, but still having pain under my breast. I'm also going on holiday in a couple of weeks so praying it will improve. Hope you get something for the pain it's horrible, take care x

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AlisonPK in reply to Kenzie123

Thanks. I’m on Gabapentin during the day and one amytriptaline at night. Still taking paracetamol too. It has dulled the pain and I’m getting a sleep. 7 weeks now since surgery and more mobile but still not fully recovered- need to have patience. Thanks for replying.

Hi Alison, I had a my lobectomy in January and I have only just stopped the DHC and just take paracetamol.

One thing I found really helped to get off the DHC was Capsaicin cream. You have to get from GP.

Hope you enjoy your holiday x

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