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National Lung Cancer Audit patient booklet survey


In September 2017, National Lung Cancer Audit (NLCA) team released their first patient information booklet (with 2015 data) and in March 2018 they released their second (with 2016 data). The lung cancer pathway can be complex and this booklet helps to break it down better understood segments.

Working with Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation, they wrote these booklets to inform patients, their families and carers about treatment rates for lung cancer across England and Wales, explore the quality and process of care as well as to empower patients.

The NLCA have set up this assessment to see if this has been achieved, by determining the impact the booklet has had on patients’ conversations with their doctors and nurses, and how the booklet has changed the way people feel about the care they have received.

They are very keen to hear your views on the patient booklet and encourage you to share this questionnaire with anyone else that you know has, or you think may have, read and used this booklet.

This survey can be completed by anyone who has read either, or both, the 2016 or 2017 National Lung Cancer Audit Key findings for patients and carers. This is the Link: Please can you complete the survey by 30th August 2018.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the NLCA team at the email address: Or call them on 0203 075 1247.

Thank you for your support.

National Lung Cancer Audit Team and Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.

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