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Well im very sad to say my husband passed away yesterday peacefully in his sleep at home like he wanted .i feel like ive lost my right arm .and god knows how im going to live without him .but at least his pain-free now thanks everyone for all your messages and help since i first started posting on here thanks again carol x

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So sorry Carol to hear your sad news. Like you said he will now be out of pain.

My thoughts are with you and your family.


So terribly sorry to hear your sad news Carol. My thoughts are with you & your family at this terrible time. Another angel taken too soon too this awful disease. X

Thank you x

How sad for you all. My condolences to you and your family xx

I am so sorry to hear that you are in this situation. Look after yourself. M

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miasam in reply to Dismal

Thank you i hope your partner is doing ok now and you take care xx

So sorry for you my thoughts and prays are with you at this sad time God bless xx

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miasam in reply to Brogan-12

Thanks for your kind words it means a lot .and i know every one on here is going or been threw this .which is so sad to think xx

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miasam in reply to Brogan-12

Thank you everyone on here has been so kind xx

Dear Miasam, I am truly sorry for your loss. Death is such an enemy of mankind. I have found a scripture in one ancient book, I would love to share it with you: "And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away."

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miasam in reply to Alexklacek

Thank you .thats so nice xx

I am so deeply sorry to hear about your loss, hold onto your precious memories they will help to guide and support you through this very difficult time. Take good care of yourself xxx

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miasam in reply to Elaine141

Thank you ive lost my best freind x

Im so sorry for your loss. My husband lost his fight 3weeks ago. I'm like you the sadness is very hard to deal with. I look at other people and they seem to be manage. I was told to take the days by hours so that's what i do. Perhaps try that for the next few weeks.

My husband like yours is out of pain. May they rest easy.

Take care of yourself

Love Jackie x

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miasam in reply to Jacs55

Im so sorry for your loss and i do know exactly what your going threw. But when does the tears stop flowing and i stop hurting so much xx

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Jacs55 in reply to miasam

I don't know cause I haven't stopped. I can't get the pain out of my chest or think right. It's too much alli want to do is sit in the corner and cry. Baby steps xx


I lost my wife to exactly the same 2 and half years ago.........its a long long journey......a huge hug from us all on here xxx

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miasam in reply to jonnyd01

You was allways helpful to me when i asked a question so thank you .i know his better now no more pain .but i just feel lost xx

So sorry Carol, my husband is going through exactly the same thing and things are not so good at the moment. Stay strong and think of the good times,laugh and smile as i am sure he would have wonted you to. xxxxxxxx

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miasam in reply to hero99

He would my husband had a very good sence off humur xx

Hello Carol ,so sorry to hear about your loss at least he is at peace now and at least he managed to die at home ,my thoughts are with you during these difficult days .Diane.

Thank you x

My condolences, Carol to you and your Family at this sad time. I hope you allow people to help you in what lies ahead. As you grieve and feel lonely it’s good to know that People care.

Thanks .it is very lonely and i miss him so much .i cant even bring myself to go in th the bedroom were they took him from .i try so hard not to break down in front off my children as there so upset too .i will try to pull my self togeather but its not even been 3 days and 18 half hours since he left .i not shore how even to function on my own .xx

Dear Miasam

So very sorry to hear of your loss and the terrible grief you feel. As you can see so many feel for you and are thinking of you.

Our number is 0800 358 7200

Kind regards

The Roy Castle Support Team

Everything is so raw for you at the moment.....just try and take it hr by hr xx

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miasam in reply to jonnyd01

Thank you for your support it cant be easy as i know you have gone threw this your self .xx

Hi Carol I no its early days for you but when my partner passed in March the hosspice team were briliant I went on a bearevment support group threw the hosspice we were all new to the group and all in the same boat I had10 sessions which had helped me tremendously I'm going on a mindfulness day at the hosspice in a couple of weeks I could not have got threw my time without my partner had it not been for the marvellous hosspice team they really do help take care for now xx

Thanks at the moment his in my head most off the time .i little bits off time were i sort off forget .but then it all comes flooding back i break down when peaple ask if im ok when we talk about the funeral. Or when it comes in my head how much i miss him and how loanly i feel oeaple keep telling me time heals does it at the moment i cant see an end .i was so glad he got his wish to die at home but now i cant even go in the room were he died .i cant imagine a life with iut him he had been everything to me for 42 years .i just cant see an end to how i feel carol x

Hello carol. miasam.

I am looking through posts and thinking of you and others who are grieving for a loved one who has died recently. The first Christmas, birthday and anniversaries are the worst parts 2 face after a Death. After that the memories become a part of those of us who are left behind. No longer here, but never forgotten. Love to you and your families.

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