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Sacrum tumour mets from lung cancer

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I have just been diagnosed with mets in lower spine. Has anyone had treatment for this and what it involves. Many thanks

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Dear Martinet

Sorry to hear you have spread to your sacrum , which must have been very disappointing for you to hear. Hope you hear from others who can share their experience with you.

Radiotherapy is often used to alleviate any symptoms you may have; there is some research data available on some surgical intervention that may improve quality of life, but this is not suitable for everyone. (dated June 2021)

Chemotherapy or targeted therapies may be another option.

As your oncologist knows your full clinical history, they will be best to discuss your treatment choices with you that will provide the best outcome.

Targeted therapies may be used for bone metastases and this is our information leaflet on

This leaflet details information on bone metastases:

Cancer Research UK also have information on bone metastases:

If there is anything you would like to discuss you can either email us at or call our free phone nurse led helpline number on 0800 358 7200

All the very best

The Roy Castle Support Team

Hi Martinet Hope you're doing ok and they aren't causing any pain.

When my husband's NSCLC was found, he had extensive mets in many, many bones. As a result, neither surgery nor radiotherapy were suitable and his only options were systemic treatment. In his case, he is suitable for one of the new immunotherapies and was also able to have 2 types of chemo. He had 4 rounds of chemo and is now having the immunos every 3 weeks. So far, its going really well and he has no evidence of disease in his bones.

Should anything new be found in a bone, we are expecting he'd get some targeted radiotherapy to "spot weld" it (as his oncologist calls it!). I understand this can be a very successful strategy.

He also has an injection every 6 weeks of denosumab which helps to make sure the bones don't weaken from the cancer.

Do let us know how you get on,

Sarah x

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Martinet in reply to sassassas

Dear Sarah. Thank you for your reply that is indeed positive. I’m just off to my pet scan now and then find out the next bit. Glad your husband is doing well. Take care Angela x

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Martinet in reply to sassassas

Hi Sarah. Just following on from my last post. Have had the results of pet scan and it showed no evidence of cancer in the body apart from the sacrum. Which I find a bit positive as I had been told of modules on the lung that I had the lobectomy on. I now have to wait for next MDT meeting next Tuesday to see next steps. Hope your husband is still doing well. He has been through a lot. Thank you for replying. Take care. Angela x

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sassassas in reply to Martinet

Hi Angela, that does sound like positive news given the circumstances and hopefully that gives the doctors a number of different options for them to think about.

Thank you for asking, yes, my husband is still doing well. He had his immunotherapy treatment yesterday which is very quick now and causes no issues for him. Long may that continue!

Look after yourself xx

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