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Lymph node activity found during lobectomy

Hi all

I gave a question that hopefully someone will be able to help with! My mum was told last week that during her right lower lobectomy the surgeon completed a "frozen section" which showed "activity" in the lymph nodes on her right side. I believe he did 3 samples. I know this means cancer in the lymph nodes as my mum has been told she will need chemo but does anyone know if the surgeon will have removed all of the lymph nodes that contain cancer? We should have asked this at the time, but didn't think until after...

thanks in advance x

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Hi MissyD1

I think the best person to ask would be your lung cancer nurse specialist involved in your care, you should have been given her contact details.She will attend the multidisciplinary team meetings where your management is discussed and will have access to your health records.

Kind regards,

All the team at the Roy Castle Helpline.

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Hi, I was told that during surgery part of my lung was removed because of the tumour, and also some of my lymph nodes - but was told too many were affected so they could not remove them all, I am having chemo now, 4th one tomorrow, but was told yesterday that the lymph nodes had decreased by a third, good news for me.

Hope your mum makes progress. x


Thank you Livvyloot! That's good news that the chemo has shrunk the lymph nodes. Have you had many side effects? Wishing you all the best xx


Hi Missy, I do have side effects, very sore throat and gullet a few days after treatment but managed to sooth it with ice cream milkshakes. A few days of constipation, so tried to eat things I knew go through my system at a fast pace, if you know what I mean - so helped with this, apart from them two I have times of being really tired but after a short sit down watching some tv I get a few more hours. All in all not that bad at all, just get your mum to rest and do things at her own pace, she will find out what can sooth these side affects. Give her my wishes for an easy time. x


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