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New diagnosis

14 days ago my mum was diagnosed with pneumonia. She ended up back in hospital 10 days later with oxygen sats of less than 50%. They did another xray which led to a ct scan and we were told on the same day that she has lung cancer ( t3 n2 ?0). She has agreed to have a bronsoscopy and a neck aspiration. They did a brain scan but im not sure of the results. I just dont know what to expect. They said its not operable due to the location of the cancer. I just feel so lost .

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Hello jomc1970,

Welcome to our forum, I am very sorry to hear of your mums recent diagnosis of lung cancer, you will have a lot of information to take in at the moment and at times it can seem overwhelming.

The medical staff involved in your mums care may request further tests which may involve doing a PET- CT this will give them more detailed information than a ct scan alone, or bronchoscopy and biopsy. It can take some time for all the investigations to be completed, this can be a difficult time and often it can feel like being in limbo until all the results are complete and a treatment plan is offered.

We have an information pack on Lung Cancer called Answering your Questions which we can post to you. We also have a nurse led helpline and we would be happy to speak to you and answer any questions that you may have, freephone 0800 358 7200

I am not sure if you have met your lung cancer nurse specialist yet? He or she should be able to speak with you, they can give you information on any investigations or what to expect from treatment regimes, they work closely with the oncologists and can be of great support.

Kind regards

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Another sleepless night.My brother spoke to the doctor last night. They cant do a bronsoscopy because of the risks due to mums co2 levels n restricted airways. They have 3 options: risk mums life and do bronsoscopy, do nothing or send her home from hospital and hope she gets stronger so that she can have bronsoscopy soon. Worst case scenario they say she has 6 weeks. Best case, they arent sure.


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