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The Cancer Whisperer Book by Sophie Sabbage

I am just reading this book which is written by Sophie. She is EGFR positive and has stage 4 lung cancer. I am in a similar situation with ALK mutation.

I have found the book comforting to read and also empowering. She has insight into managing the condition and empowers the reader to make them aware that there are lots of choices to be made. I would thoroughly recommend this book to people who are dealing with a cancer diagnosis or their family.

I have found it to be refreshing.

Hope that you find this book as useful as I have Xx

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Hi Bow-19

Thank you for passing on your experience in reading Sophie Sabbages book , which must be very personal to all those sharing the same journey.

Wishing you all the very best for your health.

Kind regards

The Roy Castle Support Team


Thank you


I just got the book on your recommendation! I too have stage 4 lung cancer. Thank you!



Hope you enjoy the book too


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