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Middle Lobe Lobectomy

Hi, back in December a 5.5cm mass was found in my right lung via a CT scan. I've had a PET scan which showed the area concerned as 'hot' but a needle biopsy was inconclusive.

After seeing a surgeon last week I've been told that I have to have a middle lobe lobectomy. I'm so incredibly nervous about the surgery, worried about the pain and how I'm going to cope afterwards. I have 2 children, one who is autistic and I'm now on my own.

I have quite bad asthma so also concerned about how the anaesthetic will effect me.

Can anyone tell me what to expect?

Many thanks


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Hi tnbarker, Sorry to hear your news. As far as the surgery goes , you will be in good hands with the surgeons. I had my right lung removed just short of 5 years ago, and to be honest I didnt get much pain. The first 2 days I was dosed with morphine, but then I was uncomfortable but I was fine. I suggest you have a word with your lung cancer nurse specialist , which you should have one assigned to you. They should be able to advise you regarding care for yourself and your children, also your asthma.

If you havent got a nurse ask the hospital as you should have one.

All the best and try not to worry too much. xxx :)

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Hello thbarker1,

It is only natural that you are anxious and nervous about the surgery planned, as jillygirl has said have a chat with the specialist nurse, she will be able to give you information on what to expect post op and what pain relief you will be given. Before surgery the anaesthetist will assess you, they will be aware that you have asthma and will take this into consideration when planning your anaesthesia. We have an information booklet on surgery which is available to view on line, I have added the link below, hopefully this may be able to answer some of your questions

if you wish to discuss anything you can call our free nurse led helpline on 0333 323 7200

Kindest regards

The Roy Castle Support Team


Hi. I had a r lower lobe lobectomy on 6/7/16. I then had post op chemo and just gone back to work this month. The operation itself was ok. The chest drain was probably the most difficult bit for me as it had to be left in for 2 weeks but most people have them out after a few days. You'll be up and walking around the ward within 2 days and,to be honest, the quicker you get going the better. Little and often. I won't lie- you'll need help with the children and doing stuff at home for a few weeks. I have 2 girls aged 10 and 12. Make use of any friends and family for help and support. It's going to be a tough couple of months but I'm now doing my 10 000 steps a day and feeling really well. Be strong and positive (it'll be hard but worth it). Best of luck and keep us updated



I had this operation on 19th December, where I had the middle part of my lung removed along with the Lymph Nodes round about it. I am not going to say that it was not uncomfortable, but you can bear it. My Biopsy came back clear ( thank God ) along with the Lymph Nodes so I don,t need any treatment. I was scared to have this done as I am in my seventies and quite worried, but The doctors and Nurses were fantastic and soon put me at ease. I am still a bit tender around my bust, but getting there. You will need a bit help around the house especially with kids. I hope and Pray you get same results as me and everything goes well for you, but please try not to worry although it,s hard when you are waiting. Take care


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