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Happy Christmas

I just wanted to wish everyone on this site a happy Christmas, not easy for some I know. It is ten months since my lovely husband Rab Valentine died. He loved this site and made many friends. As you can imagine this has been a difficult year, however I am very lucky in that I am going out to Singapore this coming week to spend time with grandchildren and family. Our Charan misses his grandad so much, he says that 'life is no fun without grandad', they were great buddies.

I wanted to thank everyone for all their kindness, Rab got so much from you all. Good wishes to you all, Diana

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Dear Diana

Thank you for your kind words and it is truly wonderful reading all the support and encouragement for everyone that uses the site. It is great feedback for us knowing that the forum does make a difference to those on this difficult journey.

We hope you have a special time in Singapore with your family.

All the best

The Roy Castle Support Team


A happy Christmas Diane enjoy your lovely family, Big hugs bless you. X X


Hi.....have a lovely xmas....Rab was a lovely guy and we all miss him xx


Happy Christmas Diana. I hope you have a lovely time in Singapore. Agree with above comment - Rab was such a nice chap and I was lucky enough to meet him a couple of years ago. Much missed.



sad for your loss have a wonderful time with your family this christmas and remember all your happy times that you had together god bless x


I used to enjoy reading Rab's posts. Enjoy your time with your family Xx



Best Wishes to you and your family for Christmas. I'm guessing it will be quite hard but Rab would want you to celebrate. I

I don't post much but read a lot and know he was very helpful to lots and lots of people. Just talking helps, just knowing someone is listening.

Have a good holiday in Singapore with your family and know he is watching over you all.

Jeanne xxxx



thanks for your good wishes, particularly at this time of year. We are thinking about you and the rest of the family. Hope some granny cuddles are coming your way and that the gap left by Rab's absence though unshrinkable is shared with past family memories and new ones being created,


Lorraine x


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