Possible lung cancer diagnosis- looking for advice

Hi. I am looking for advice - my mum had an abnormal chest X-ray around 3 weeks ago which showed a single "mass" in her upper right lung. She had a fast track ct scan with contrast 2 days later and waited 12 days to get the results. We went to the chest clinic on Monday and the consultant said he thinks it is a tumour because of how it looks and the size (4.3cm) it is in her upper right lung. She has been told she will have a pet scan and also a needle biopsy - and it will take around 10 days for the appointments and to come in. I feel like this is quite a long time especially as he is saying it looks like a tumour, surely they would want to start treatment asap? I really don't know what to think at this point, it has all come as quite a shock. She was only sent for the X-ray as she has had a few colds / chest infections in the last few months which have cleared up. A previous chest X-ray in June 2015 was completely clear so we really weren't expecting this.

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  • Hello Missdwatts, welcome to the Roy Castle Lung Cancer forum, you will find lots of support and advice from others here who have been on a similar journey. I can understand that this will be a difficult time, it will be worrying and frustrating especially when you feel that investigations are taking a long time to complete, the medical team in charge of your mums care will want to have as much information about the stage and type of cancer before deciding on the correct course of treatment, it maybe possible to ask for a cancellation at short notice, if you speak with the sectary of the consultant who has requested these investigations they maybe able to arrange this.

    We have lots of information on our website or if you wish to speak with any one give our nurse led helpline a call on freephone 0800 358 7200

  • I had a similar experience, You think it seems they are not rushing you through. However they do need all the information for the surgeon if you are having surgery. On the other hand they may decide on different treatment.

    You should have been allocated a lung cancer nurse specialist , They are worth their weight in gold.

    P.s. I had my whole right lung removed 4 years ago. Not a problem .

    Take care. :) xx

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