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Dad diagnosed with metastatic Lung Cancer

Hi, I'm new here, 74 year old Dad has been diagnosed with Lung cancer mets to pelvic area, adrenal and local lymph nodes. He's waiting for a biopsy to determine treatment, if any. Could anyone help me understand please - he's already anemic and has been very tired, symptoms only for the last 8 weeks. He's lost weight and has a poor apetite but is still managing to get up and dressed, etc. Is there anyone out there who can let me know the sort of symptoms they had before treatment? He also has a high a high wbc. He's just tired all the time. Hope there may be some help! Thanks!

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Welcome to the forum where you will find lots of information, support and encouragement.

I believe we had a chat this morning on the helpline, please feel free to call as often as you need to on 0800 358 7200.

Kindest regards

The Roy Castle Support Team


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