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Throat and chest filled with yellowish phlem

Hi, been smoking(5 to 6 cigs) for 3 years and extreme smoking for 2 years(10 to 15 cig). I have ridiculous amount of phlem in my throat at all times.

Sometimes my phlem becomes yellow after waking up and my chest and throat feels very heavy.

I checked with the doctor and he told me that i have a bundle of phlem stuck to 1 lung. I am taking medicines but having hard time quitting. I have allergy to dust if it helps.

I need to ask if stopping smoke will improve my throat and chest.

Any help on my condition will help. Thank you

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I don't mean to be rude but are you seriously asking if stopping smoking will help your throat and chest- inhaling toxic gases directly to your lungs is never a good thing. You really need to go to a smoking cessation clinic. Many pharmacists also run smoking cessation services and the practice nurse in your surgery may do this as well. I don't know your history ie if you have lung cancer but if you haven't had a chest xray recently ask for one.

Your phlegm wont go overnight but stopping smoking will be the answer in the long-term.

I wish you well with stopping smoking.


Of course you should stop smoking.Willpower and determination is needed and because Nicotine is addictive some people find stopping difficult.The good news is that help is at hand. Jackie46 rightly states that your GP practice and pharmacy is a good place to start.Also attached is a link to see the benefits of stopping.

Good luck

All the team at Roy Castle Helpline


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