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"Ask the expert" feature in "Inspire" magazine

Do you have a question you would like to ask our lung cancer nurse specialist?

We would like to feature your questions that lung cancer nurse specialist Simon Bolton can answer in the next edition of "Inspire", our exciting magazine that features news, personal stories and tips to give people with lung cancer and their families hope, encouragement and confidence to help themselves.

Please post your questions here, or email me at

Many thanks,


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I would like to receive this magazine. Is this possible? I am in USA. Question- What are the odds of being cured, with a wedge resection of 11mm tumor. No lymph nodes Thanks, Ruby🌹


Hello rubyred777

Our Inspire magazine is available on-line, the link is below.

We also have information fact-sheets which can help answer a lot of questions you may have regarding lung cancer and its treatments, these too are available on view on-line, below is a link to the page.

It is difficult for me to answer if your tumour will be cured with a wedge resection, you should speak with your surgeon or oncologist, write down any questions that you have and take them along to your next appointment.

Kind regards

Roy Castle Helpline


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