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Prognosis for Lung cancer that's spread : (

Hi, I was hoping somebody could help me. My mum has just been diagnosed with lung cancer which has spread to her liver, her thyroid in her neck, her bone in her temple and just above her kidneys. She is not very symptomatic at the moment other than having a pain in her side (due to the lung cancer) which is being kept under control with pain killers. We are still waiting to see the lung oncologist which seems to be taking forever. I asked my mum if there was one thing she could have what would it be and she said a big party with all her family and friends all together in the same room. I have booked a venue for the 5th of November and now people keep saying to me that maybe I should bring it forward as she may not be here then : ( I obviously know that this is no curable and am not sure yet if they will offer any treatment. Giving that she isn't symptomatic at the moment and she still able to go about doing her normal daily things and going out etc, she's not breathless at all. What kind of time frame should we be expecting with this. I've searched and searched and can't find any answers anywhere. I want to try and plan things and do things for her but am terrified I'm going to be to late : ( also can anyone enlighten me on what canabis oil is and what it's used for? I keep hearing it get mentioned but I don't know what it is. Thank you so much for any help you can offer xx

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Hello TracyMattLeslie

I am sorry that you find yourself needing to join us, but you are very welcome here. Coming to terms with diagnosis can be a really difficult experience and especially knowing that your mum's disease is not curable.

Please do call our helpline if you want to talk through your questions. Our Nurses are happy to listen and help. It is important that you have the opportunity to put your questions to the consultant and find out what treatment options may be available for your mum. It is positive that she is currently keeping active and not experiencing breathlessness; uncontrolled pain or other symptoms. Helping your mum maintain a healthy lifestyle and weight will mean she is fitter and more able to tolerate any treatments suggested. If she/you has not yet had the chance to speak to a Lung Cancer Nurse specialist this should be arranged. We can supply the number of your local CNS if you get in touch. They are there to support both of you and can explain what is happening with treatment/ appointment plans.

It is good that you and she have a trusting relationship and can have the conversations about what matters to you. Planning a party that she wants may be hard for you but it is lovely that you can do this for her. I can't give you a straightforward answer to the "how long" question. What I can say is that there are many people here who are living with stage 4 disease for many months and years post diagnosis. Every one is different and your clinical team can only give expectations of your mum's prognosis based on thorough understanding of her cancer.

If we can be of any support please do call or drop us an email,

helpline 0800 358 7200

or email

best wishes

Lorraine @Roy Castle


Sorry to hear about your mother. No one can give you an actual time frame. If your mother wants a party, don't put it off. Do it now while she's able to enjoy it. I have stage IV Lung Cancer that has spread from lungs, lymph nodes, liver, kidney, right rib bone & brain. Can't be cured. I'm definitely going down hill. My experience I felt great & 1 day coughing up blood. So enjoy everyday with your mom. My drs want give me a specific time. They say not even 1 yr. I was diagnosed in April & now in September I'm not going to live. Cancer can spread fast. God only knows when we're going. Love everyday you have with your mom. Best wishes, Teddy

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