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Alternative therapies- apricot kernels

Alternative therapies- apricot kernels


Here's a picture of me and mum from the weekend when we went to a food festival.

Today I'm travelling back down south, 250 miles, but coming back Thursday evening ready to take mum to oncologist appt on Friday to discuss chemotherapy and and any clinical trials.

I spoke to a lady who had lung cancer on Saturday and she ate the seeds from peaches and apricots and her cancer went. I'm not sure what stage she was at. I've read that if you take them alongside chemotherapy it helps the chemo work better. Has anybody on here had any experience or knowledge about this? X

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Hi Wendybsouth,

There is no scientific evidence to support this.You may wast to read the info from Cancer Research UK.

Best wishes


Haven't heard of apricots and peaches. but maybe it's worth trying if it MAY help and doesn't do any harm.

however, I have seen articles about honey treatment

and even know there is positive feedback from the clients. Though, of course, don't know them personally :)


Before starting any complementary therapy it is always best to discuss with your oncologist, to make sure that they will not interact with any conventional treatments you are currently taking.



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