VATS pleurodesis

Hi, I've just started crizitonib as targeted therapy. It's only been two weeks but I can feel the fluid building up again. I had a drain two weeks ago and then three weeks before that. I presume it's fluid because my fatigue is terrible and I'm breathless. The consultant has mentioned vats pleurodesis, any advice? It sounds scary stuff, is it permanent? Is it done under general or local? I wish they would just remove the lung. I was hoping crizitonib would clear up the fluid situation?

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  • My husband was on crizotinib for 18 months and also had fluid in his lung. He had to have a drain inserted and we learned how to drain it ourselves through the Visiting Nurse. It was very easy and crizotinib is well worth it. It is a miracle drug.

  • Hi there! I had a VATS talc pleurodosis over two years ago and holding. It was done under a general anaesthetic at St Georges in Tooting with a surgeon called Mr Kamakasabe. Generally very straightforward - I was one of the one per cent that got an infection afterwards BUT that was dealt with quickly. You only have a small scar to show from it and when you wake you have a drain in place for 48 hours (if I remember correctly). Then they remove the drain and stitch the hole with local. Mine has worked well and I have had no recurrance of fluid. SO my advice would be to go for it!! Good Luck Diz xxx

  • Hi, I'm having my vats procedure next week at st.georges but they've told me it'll be local anesthetic?

  • Hi Giblets9

    Sorry to hear that you are not feeling great. Vats pleurodesis is a video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery procedure to make the lung surface stick to the inside of the ribs, thus obliterating the space where the fluid collects, preventing any more fluid collecting. It is performed under general anaesthetic. Write down your concerns before meeting the consultant again and take this along with you and they should be able to answer any further questions.

    Wishing you all the best

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