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82 years old with lung cancer

Good Evening

My Dad has been diagnosed with lung cancer, he has a large malignant tumour at the top of his right lung and they beleive it may have spread to the lymph nodes in the same lung, he is having a pet scan on tues to see if there is cancer anywhere else. what i would like to ask is what happens next, he is 82 but generally in good health.

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He could be stage 3 A.

Surgery may be feasible but probably not the first option due to his age. 

Radiotherapy and chemotherapy or both could be considered. 

If he's adenocarcinoma they may test him for mutation that could lead to targeted drugs. 


Hi,my mum was 80 last year when she was diagnosed with a tumour on her lung and she was also in good health.. She had chemotherapy and then radiotherapy. Unfortunately my mum wasn't able to continue the full course of chemo as it made her ill but she was fine with the radiotherapy. Her tumour has now shrunk but is not curable but she has more time and she is actually doing very well at the moment,she's s bit breathless but is living her normal life. I wish your Dad well and you have many more years together Xx


Hello DJO2EVS,

Welcome to the Roy Castle community, sorry to hear of your fathers recent lung cancer diagnosis.You will find a lot of information on this community and many members are happy to share the experiences with you. Your dad is a grand age and any treatment will depend on how good his general health is and at to what  stage the cancer has progressed, the pet scan tomorrow will  give the oncologist more information and he will then be able to discuss any treatment plans or further investigations required and to answer any questions you may have. Roy Castle have very good information booklets about investigations, current treatments and managing symptoms, if you would like any of these please get in touch on our freephone helpline 0333 323 7200 ext 2.

Best wishes from the helpline


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