Night time breathing

Hi new to lung group, since end of September I have had wheezing and whisling from my nose when laying down at night, plus feels as though I am not breathing properly,

GP sent me to see an ENT specialist and he referred me to a lung Dr just had a full lung capacity test today and the technician said I seem to possibly have a slight lung thickening and he thought the consultant would probably do a scan when I go back to see her.

The noises I get are now happening during the day now.

Any ideas?

Many thanks


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  • try a wegde foam piece with your pillows to keep you almost sitting up during the night ,i have the cough bad this is what i use (apox 50 degree angel ,try a lot of pillows first see if that works then look around for the memory foam here down under it cost

    $100 alway try things out before you spend any money,last thing you need is a cuboard full of pills and stuff that you will not use again

  • Thank you

  • Chris I have a similar problem and have found using Olbas oil inhalation controls it. I put the oil in a steam inhaler or you could put the oils in a bowl of hot water. I also put some on my pillow at night and you can put it on a tissue and inhale it. It is very simple but effective, I also sometimes use essential oils eg Eucalyptus, Lavender. Hope this is of some use to you 😊

  • Thank you

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