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Still hurting

Diane I had a reception of May of last year remove tumor and some lymph nodes I have had a lot of back pain rib pain ever since the surgery in my case I had to have chest tubes placed three different times so that may be why my ribs are so so sore scared I have heard that you can have people have pain even years after a surgery. My doctor prescribes hydrocodone every 4 to 8 hrs, it really doesn't help that much though. I think in my case a lot of is cuz you're not acting like I was before that's due to depression I think. I'm happy to hear that you exercise have you spoke to the doctor about this maybe they can prescribe something that will help you. Please take care M M

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Hi M M ,thanks for your reply ,I intend to chat to my oncologist about this I don't feel it is a psychological thing its a physical thing .I know I could blank out some of the pain or discomfort with meds but I am reluctant to do so .Every drug has a unhelpful side effect and I think my kidneys aren't as good as they once were pre cancer ,I also know my body was under duress before treatment started .I suppose I want to know if this is normal to have such discomfort after treatment in which case I will pack the moaning away and find some level to accept this new me. It is not easy and I tell myself daily I am still here and relatively well .It sounds you too have on going issues so I am not alone, you don't sound as annoyed as I am ,well done for that maybe in time I will accept the things I cannot change.Diane


Hi Mike ,I will heed your advice and have a look at those books ,currently I am reading aspects of 'Adrenal Fatigue' by James Wilson .It was published sometime ago but I think I can relate to some of its theories .It is like I am looking for answers ,obviously changing my diet may help and I have Definitely improved my diet, but unfortunately I love all the wrong foods so I find that difficult ,so I eat more salads fruit and veg raw or cooked and exercise a whole lot more to give balance .Thanks for your advice it has been very helpful .I tend to research and read constantly ,there are many theories out there its just trying to figure out which ones genuine or not .Best wishes Diane.


There are many alternative therapies and diets which can be useful in treating and managing symptoms and the side effects of treatment in lung cancer. Before drastically changing your diet taking or using alternative therapies you should discuss this with your medical team.

Below is an interesting link form cancer research discussing the benefits and myths of diet in cancer



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