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i have been diagnosed with lung non small cell it measures 2.5cm i am waiting for keyhole surgery for left upper lobectomy I am a very young 61 year old lady... to say i am scared is an understatment..i cant stop crying which is so not like me..I am scared of the op and of the pain i will endure after...

I have a 28 year old disabled daughter to take care of partner of 30 years and i do not live together but has been the absolute best so positive and very supportive, we will be staying at his house whenn i am home from the op and she will have support workers every day to take the stress off him...

Please can i hear some positive stories of people who have had this cancer and of the VATS surgery ...what pain can i realistically expect i understand everyone is different but i really need some help here before i go mad with worry

Thanks x

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  • Hello scared tlj, It is quite understandable that you are frightened and anxious.

    Like you say everyone is different. All I can say is I had a pneumonectomy ( whole lung)

    removed over 3 years ago. I had open surgery. After the first couple of days in the H D ward when I was on morphine, I found I coped well with the painkillers they gave me, I didnt suffer at all.

    Make sure you rest up and take all the help you can get for both yourself and daughter.

    Hope all goes well, and I am sure you will be fine. xx

  • Hello I'm Julie and I had a lobectomy 19months ago, I had open surgery and found the pain medication was excellent, it took a full 6 months to get back to work but as you say everyone has different recovery times, I believe vats surgery is less invasive than open surgery, it's hard to say don't worry but in my experience I need'nt have worried ! Keep in touch and let us know how you get on.

    Julie x

  • my nerves are so getting the better of me...i am normally a very strong minded female and very little gets me down ..this has floored me beyond belief...turning into a crying female...just cant stop xx thank for your replies x

  • it will be alright with time. my wife had VATS a year ago. she had vey little pain and was discharged after a four days uneventful stay. what stage are you?

    looking forward to a cure for you.


  • Hi Peter...I havent been told what stage it is at ..I havent been told what it is yet ...but because i have agreed to tracer study at SGH in the leaflet it says that i have been invited to take part because ihave NSC... so that s why i have stated i have this . i didnt think doc could say until he has done a biopsy and i am not having that as they said they will do all of that when i am in surgery toremove idont even know just how much upper left lung will be taken away i think its the whole of it....scared to ask and stupid for not asking !!

  • Dont worry its gonna be orite.i had mine about 5 months ago..first 1 month was a little painfull..hope and i pray everything gonna be ok for wishes

  • was it keyhole and what stage and type thanks for your best wishes x

  • didy you have keyhole ?...

  • Hi

    I was diagnosed stage IIIb adenocarcinoma non small cell in June 2014. I had chemo and radiotherapy before having a right upper lobectomy in June 2015. I had VATS / keyhole surgery which was done on the Wednesday and I was discharged on the Saturday. I have had no complications since and was back running three weeks after surgery (had been a keen runner beforehand and was physically fit - am 45).

    I have had clear scans since the surgery so fingers crossed this stays the case for a good while.

    I hope all goes well for your surgery. Keep hydrated and try to do any exercises they give you. Think positively and believe that things will be okay.

    Best wishes

    Janey xx

  • Janey Thank you ... i feel like i am going deep into darkness somehwre ihave never been before and i needtohear positive stories to helpme thru til i get the surgery and thecoming weeks .xx

  • It is understandable that you are worried - no-one expects to suddenly find themselves in this situation. Try to keep yourself as fit as possible before the surgery as this will help your recovery time etc and will also help you keep your mind active.

    I will be thinking of you and send you lots of love

    Janey x

  • just heard today that surgery is scheduled for fri 5th feb....

  • One year on after vats left upper lobectomy.. Was given adjuvant chemo but after I had a reaction to the anti sickness jab and needed a crash team for about 40 mins I decided that for 5% it was not worth me taking the risk X-rays every 3 months and so far so good...been left very breathless but a small,price to pay.... now I struggle big time as to wether I will get it again ..yep I know I am being rather stupid...but I try try try to be more positive. But you can't help your emotions..I tell myself on a daily basis I am lucky it was found etc etc but the fear of it returning is real..

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