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New to this small cell lung cancer

My dad just had jaw pain and was admitted to hospital only to then fined out he had small cell lung cancer. Which they say is a rarer but aggressive kind but it was caught early enough it could be cured. He has been suffering from low platelets and has only had one chemo treatment. Missed last one and really don't know how this plays a role in his treatment other than delaying it. How is he to get a cure if platlets stay to low for treatments???

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Hi Kelly and sorry to hear about your dad. I have non small cell lung cancer so not totally up on small cell. Missing one chemo , or delaying it , is not that big an issue. I had low white blood cell count and my oncologist gave me zarzio injections to self inject from day 7 of my chemo to day 14 and they worked for me. I didn't have any delay and do infections and I was on a harsh chemo. Maybe that would work for your dad? you can always ask.

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