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Stage IV lung Cancer is still stable :)

I've had the results of my last CT scan and I am still in shock I think. It has stayed the same, no more thickening of the lining, the tumor is the same and there is nothing in the lymph nodes. So surprised but so happy. I thought it had got worse, I am having quite a bit of shoulder pain and my breathing is definitely worse. The doc said it could be that its the osteoporosis causing the pain, I can't remember if she said osteoarthritis though. But I have the first and not the second. She said that chemo can help, sounds odd but possible and the breathing could be because I have put back on the one and half stone I had lost during chemo. That means I am carrying it constantly. She said go back if it becomes a problem but I have 3 months to wait now for another scan. So chuffed really as I really thought we would be back on chemo. Need to diet, or rather stop eating the chocolate bars. I've been trying to eat 20years worth in a couple of years lol. Comfort eating I suppose.

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Glad to hear that! As long as it's stable, you can deal with the pain at leisure.

Congrats and God bless.


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It must have been a great relief to hear the results from your doctor.You are not alone in needing to lose a bit of weight .Best wishes.



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