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All Bets Off Thank You

All Bets Off Thank You

I thought it would be easier and quicker just to do a thank you all post tptather than replying to all your individual good will messages. I fully appreciate all the good wishes and messages of support that you have sent me. I may have appeared a bit down but I can assure you I think I still have a few more rounds of golf left in me, starting with Newmachar tomorrow morning.

So once again thanks to all, oh except Hoggy, what a poor excuse using an experts diagnosis of imminent death in order to get a whole new wardrobe, it's outrageous. Lol.

Anyway Que Sera Sera.

Stay as well as you can everyone.

Rab x

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I love that there is the keyword "golf" on your post. Enjoy.


I just wondered if you have read anything or seen it on the Internet by Ty Bollinger or the nutrition book called the rainbow diet by Chris Woolams. It is an alternative way to look at things. I have found it interesting to watch and read. It also show doctors who look at things from a different point of view. It might be worth a look. Nothing to loose.


Hi Bow, yea another cancer buddie had mentioned the Ty Bollinger videos. I haven't seen the Chris Woolams book but I'll try the Internet.

Stay well.



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