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tarceva umm

hi all well had the pet and ct scans last week and have just seen my onc news isn't very good ,seems my cancer is lightin up again, not shore if its the 5on 2 off well more like 6on and 1 off after getting back from a loverly holiday cause the little bit of fluid on the lungs got worse again only a few weeks out from the last drain,straight from onc to hospital to drain another 2 ltrs out and this time lots of tests on the fluid to find out if i am getting resistance to the drug or just a hicup in the plan more wait and see, next time to see onc 12days and counting down ,the wait is a real bad thing as we all know so more sleepless nights and (that what if) question running in my head again ,just gotta keep my head up and keep going .

live life and enjoy .


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Frank, sorry to hear about the fluid in the lungs. Hope you get treatment for this and that you get a positive outcome from the results. I share your concern over waiting for appointments to get results, it's been 12 days for me now and still two more sleepless nights to go.

Stay well


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Hi Frank,

Sorry to read that the fluid is still causing you problems.As Rab and you both say the waiting is a bad time.I can only send you my best wishes and hope to read in your next posts that things have improved for you.I know it is hard but do everything you can to get some sleep as it is important when you are weak.



Hi Frank sorry to hear you are having more problems. The waiting is horrendous as you go through every scenario in your head which causes the sleepless nights. I hope you are feeling better and send you a huge hug and best wishes.

Hugs Elaine 😊 xx


thanks elaine.

these things are given to use to test us and i'm damed if its gonna win ,its my turn to get a win ,see the onc again next week for the results of the tests on the fluid ,power of possitive thinking here- its gonna be all good ,thanks for the hug

xx frank


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