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Are you EGFR+?

We are looking for feedback on how you have coped with treatment and how it has impacted on your daily life. This is to help us make a submission to the Scottish Medicines Consortium regarding the drug gefitinib (Iressa). At present this drug and erlotinib (tarceva) are used to treat people with EGFR+ tumours in England and Wales. In Scotland on erlotinib is currently licensed.

If you have had experience of either drug and are EGFR+ it would be good to hear from you. Some things that would be helpful to know:

- did you find it easy to get the treatment?

- how did you manage the treatment and were there any side effects that you did or didn't expect?

- what hints/ tips would you share with anyone considering the treatment?

- how did this effect your day to day living, were you able to carry on with your usual activities such as working, shopping, social activities?

If you can provide any feedback this will help us share what people think are the benefits of treatment and any difficulties,

You can respond to this post or send me a private message.

thanks and best wishes

Lorraine @Roy Castle

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Hi Lorraine, may be too late for you now but I have been on Iressa now since November 2015. Side effects are few. My appetite has dwindled, I get acid reflux, I have constipation and I am tired most of the time. That is it really. My way of life has not changed except I have been off work. I am intending to go back before Easter. had a scan in January and my lymph nodes are showing no cancer visible, my left lung is showing no speckling visible and the primary in my right lung is reduced in size. As improvement was shown, the payment was authorised to continue the treatment. I continue to go to the gym and aquafit. The medication is easy to manage.


Hi, I forgot one side effect is rash on face like acne, treated with cream and the skin on my body is drier. I also feel that my insides are drier too as I am thirsty all the time and I think that the dryness in my body leads to the constipation.


thanks Pollyalison

it is always good to get feedback of people's experience. We can use your examples and quotes in our material on the website and magazine, Inspire, if this is okay with you. Really glad to hear how well you are coping with the treatment and that it is having an impact on your tumours,

best wishes

Lorraine @Roy Castle


You can use whatever you like Lorraine if it helps and I am more than willing to answer any other questions you may have. It is a relatively new treatment as you know so every little helps.

Kind regards



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