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Mom passed away 2 weeks ago with peace. Just like how she wished it to be. Her body was in perfect condition. it's great that she didn't have to suffer much longer. she prayed to God for a good way to die and she got it. i witnessed it. she was peacefully go back to God.

For everyone who's fighting now. don't be scared to surrender to God. you got nothing to lose. you'll gain more in return. God be with you all..

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God bless you and give you peace. Yes we are all living with borrowed time.

The Lord will decide.

Condolences on the demise of your beloved mother.


If god existed this wouldn't be happening to people we love and good people. If a belief in god helps u get through then fine but personally I can't see how you can believe in something/someone who has let this awful thing happen to our loved ones.


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