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Finally finished all my radiotherapy and chemo it's been quite a battle as it was only 6 months ago I found out I had lung cancer, having 2 young boys I was in total despair. But some how I've got this far and life struggles will not bring me down my boys have made me stronger, I can't beat this but I can fight it, my oncology nurse told me about this site and i am so glad I come across it really helped reading other people's stories. All I have to say is stay strong.

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I'm sorry you have had to join this site as I'm sure you rather not have, but life is what it is and you will hopefully get any advice and support from all who are here. I can accept at my age that health issues may arise but it really cuts me up when this awful disease affects the younger folks. Here's hoping that you continue to be strong for a long long time.


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Thank you rabbie, and life has all of us wondering where it's gong to take us next I'm still having my ups and downs and probably will for a long time. I have learnt so much from everyone on here thanks again


Hi LittleAnnie

Glad to see you finished your chemo. Don't see where you said what kind of lung cancer you had.



Hi rubyred

I have small cell lung cancer (Adenocarcinoma) there is still a lot of stuff that I need to get my head round


Hi Littleannies,

Welcome to the forum.Well done for completing your course of treatment,it could not have been easy.Your 2 sons will help you stay strong.Best wishes.



I am sending you all my very best wishes, my dear Lady. You are fortunate that you have a purpose driven life. Your children are a wonderful source of strength and comfort. You have a reason to smile everyday by looking into the faces of your dear sons. God, I do believe never gives any one of us more than we can handle. Yesterday is a memory, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift. Live each day well and find one reason to be thankful that a gift has been given to you. Stay strong. We are all with you. Barbara



I can only imagine what the last six months have been like for you and your boys. Well done on getting through your treatment, it can feel daunting but it is all about stacking the odds in your favour.

Glad to hear the oncology nurse had recommended the forum and hope you have drawn support and strength from it.

On a practical level if now is a good time to digest what you have been through and what it means, we do have our Lung Cancer Answering your Questions pack, if you have not seen it yet.

We are also organising some half day events this autumn, gathering people with lung cancer together to discuss issues of concern. Drop me a post with your email/ contact number if you would be interested in attending.

Hope you have a good few months with your boys, enjoy the summer and keep strong,

best wishes

Lorraine on behalf of the Information & Support team @Roy Castle


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