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Good evening, I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience to what we are going through at the moment? Back in Oct 2014 we were given the news that dad had lung cancer, with a growth in a neck node also, that he was too ill for treatment.. We were refered to palatine care and left to get on with it really. No more appointments only palative nurses to care for sores etc due to severe neuropathy.

Fast forward to beginning of May, gp suggested getting a second opinion, as dad was still in relatively good health with regards to lungs. (Diagnosis was never backed up with a biopsy)

Returned to oncologist after another scan as he felt he would be able to biopsy neck node. His opinion shocked us completely, he advised that actually he would be able to biopsy as there were no growths to biopsy. Not in the neck or the lungs. There was a small nodule but nothing he was concerned about. Refered to neurologist for perphiral neuropathy.

Fast forward to 3 weeks ago.. dad started having seizures. He was admitted to the local respiratory ward. They rescanned and he now has growths in other lung mirror imaging the original and one behind his eye and one at the base of the skull. None in neck node. He has lost his swallowing ability and his vocal chords are paralysed. Alongside the disabling neuropathy.

No biopsy on growths, too ill. Bone marrow, lumbar puncture blood and urine all inconclusive. The docs still think this is cancer related apart from the oncologist that has miraculously disappeared from the trust in the space of weeks. Not even visiting his patient.

Please if anyone has had similar experiences please could you share as I am at my wits end trying to work it all out!

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