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Hi once again I asked yesterday how long should we wait for lobe biopsy results and had lots of good advice I had a phone call this morning to tell me I have an appointment tomorrow with lung cancer nurse for my results no mention of a Dr is this what happens ?I keep hoping that the're going to give me good news so no need for a Dr have anyone else been given their results by a cancer nurse specialist ? thank's for reading

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Hello Rose

Hope today's appointment goes well. The pattern of who leads appointments varies between hospitals. In some areas the Lung Cancer Nurse Specialists will lead and manage appointments on their own. Your results will be discussed with all the medical staff at a Multi Disciplinary Team meeting, which is where your treatment plan will be discussed. Depending on the hospitals these meetings may take place every fortnight or more often.

Fingers crossed for you,

best wishes



Thank's Lorraine I remember them telling me this now you've mentioned it but had forgotten head like a sieve lol I'll keep you updated with how it goes


I have had several lots of results given to me by my nurse specialist. Seems to be the norm in my hospital. Hope you got good news and keep us informed.


Elaine xx


How long have you had to wait for the results? I am going for lung tumour biopsy next Monday


Hi Jan I had my lung biopsy on the 21st may I had my results today I think it's usually about 7 to 14 days Ive been diagnosed with some thing called Langerhans cell histiocytosis good luck Jan


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