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Hi everyone

It's been a while since I posted. I finished my chemo/radiation treatment in December 2014 and had a few ups and downs but overall a general improvement gaining in strength and energy and out and about doing what my energy levels would allow. Not back to my golf and the allotment has sadly been given up but plenty of trips out, coffees and lunches. This cancer has really made me appreciate my family and friends. My three month scan seemed to be good and then a couple of months ago I started to sickly, lethargic and coughing more. I had another CT scan a couple of weeks ago which seems to show residual cancer. That was a blow - we were so hoping to have a clear spell to enjoy the summer at the very least. I have just had a PET scan and am to have a rigid bronchoscopy to see if surgery might be an option now that the tumour has shrunk back from my trachea. The medical care is great but it is very disappointing to find myself going through tests again after such a short time. The results will determine where we go from here. Fingers stay firmly crossed. Monday was a lovely day and I hired a buggy and played my first few holes of golf for ten months. What fun and freedom!! Down with Cancer!!!

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  • Jen

    Lovely to hear from you, although sorry your on another down on this blasted roller coaster. It sounds as though your medical team are looking into the best options for you and I hope surgery might sort out the residue.

    Meanwhile enjoying your family and your golf sounds like a great strategy for living life to the full.

    Fingers and toes crossed for you, do get in touch if we can help in anyway,

    best wishes


    on behalf of the Information & Support team

  • Hi Jenco,

    You have not had it easy over the last few months.You will have to let us know the results of your scan and scope.I have had to give up golf but have managed to do a bit more in the garden this year.It is all swings and roundabouts,best wishes.


  • Thanks Stewart

    How long ago did your treatment finish? Do you still have good and bad days? I don't know from one day to the next how I am going to be although I still try to go out most days even if it's just for a ride in the car. I have quite a bit of back pain - high up above my right shoulder blade. Does anyone else suffer from this and if so what is the cause and what do you take? We are hoping the PET scan will show something. Jenny

  • Hi Jenco,

    I had surgery nearly 2 years ago.Luckily enough if I do not over exert myself I do not have good and bad days anymore. I stopped playing golf as my shoulder was stiff for a few days after I played,shoulder problems are quite common after lung surgery.I can do more in the garden this year than I was able to manage last year.Before I was ill it would take me 2 or 3 hours to cut the grass.Last year I was unable to finish it.This year it takes me a couple of days to complete it,I just sit down when I get breathless.

    The 1st painkillers I was prescribed were codine based I think,anyway I had a problem with constipation after taking them,I think it is quite a common problem with them.I am now on gabapentin a neuro suppressant,I have not had any problems with them.If you are in a lot of pain I would make it a priority to find a painkiller that suits you,there is nothing worse than being constantly in pain.Best wishes with your scan results.


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