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My mums cancer

My mums cancer

My mum was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer 3 years ago. She is 62. The chemo and radiotherapy knocked the tumour right back and although it didn't go it did shrink. For the past three years mum has had a relative normal life albeit a little restricted by breathlessness. Two months ago, after the breathlessness worsened we found that the tumour had grown into the other lung. Radiotherapy wasn't an option this time as the dose three years ago was so high. So it's just chemo now. She has had two cycles so far. The side effects that are causing her the most problems now are swelling in her arms, cramps and fatigue. The local hospice are excellent, as are mums lung nurses and Macmillian and are helping with the management of these.

Both mum and I, know the Cancer is inoperable and terminal and the only treatment available is chemo (targeted is not an option). Mum and I, don't know her prognosis and don't want too. But we try and stay hopeful that the chemo will buy her some more time.

Today in the evening standard I saw an article about ablative treatment (sometimes called Nano Knife) now available on the NHS.

I honestly don't know what to make of it or even how to broach it to my mum. If it's not something that would help her it could be just depressing and crushingly disappointing. She is due to see her Oncologist tomorrow (I can't attend with her this time), has anyone any advice on how I can mention this and what my mum should ask her oncologist about it?

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Hi there,

I'm so sorry to hear that your Mum's cancer has progressed; hopefully she will get some response from the chemo if it isn't too toxic for her to continue with. As yet, Nano knife hasn't been widely used and its efficacy in lung cancer has not yet been proven.

If you are looking for some further support, we have a free helpline 0333 323 7200 option 2.

Use the support around you and speak to your Mums lung cancer nurse specialists about any concerns you have.

Best wishes,

Beth, on behalf of information and support.


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