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They found a mass on my lung and also I had pneumonia , The mass shrunk on the pet scan,that was 3 weeks after they first found it and are doing a CT scan in 3 months. Now a woman from my Facebook page said her husband mass shrunk on its own and that I should get them to do a biopsy now and not wait if she had waited for the follow up CT her husband might not be here today. he has his last treatment today . so now I am a wreck and wondering if I should push for a biopsy or wait and see what happens in 3 months ? Help ! Has anyone else had a mass shrink before treatment and then turned out to be cancer ?

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Hi And sorry you find yourself in confusion. I would speak to one of your doctors. Preferable the one who gave you the scan results. Phone and speak to him or his secretary or your GP. I have not heard of a mass shrinking on its own....that was cancer. Any other cause could shrink on its own. The PET scan would show a lot more than the original scan which I think would have been a CT scan. They will only biopsy if necessary as it carries its own risks and is a pretty invasive procedure. Please speak to a medic to put your mind at rest. Best wishes. Julie


That is what the oncologist said today and he was going to speak to my Lung Dr , And i told him a lady pleaded with me to get the biopsy because her husband insisted on one and it was cancer and is just finishing up his last treatment . I was worried that waiting 3 months will prove a bad idea to wait. I had my first iron transfusion today and I feel like crap and hungry as hell . I have been eating all day . I guess this is all so new and don't know what all this is that I was walking into. I have a ton more blood tests and have to get colonoscopy and enoscopy to make sure i do not have a bleed and that is the reason for my low red blood cells . Just everyday brings something new and when you think your in the clear , wham something else happends , thank goodness for Klonipin !


Hi there, you are certainly going through all the tests at the moment. My understanding is that some inflammation can show up on CT scans and even PET scans as it is the body's immune system fighting the infection. Only a biopsy can prove a cancer diagnosis and as Julie said that can carry its own risk of lung collapse etc.

As the saying goes the only way to eat an elephant is One bite at a time.

So get the tests and procedures done as they come along and keep asking your medical for updates and timescales. Is it possible for a sample to be taken if you have an EBUS(Ultra Sound Bronchoscopy) as this is usually a safer and easier procedure.

Good Luck Rab


one day is at a time is all i can do ... now to get my brain to only think on day at a time is the impossible ! I am a smoker too and have got my chant and will start Monday , it just seems everyday it is something . Made my appt to see the Gastro Dr and really looking forward to those tests ! Yuck ! Just hoping that the iron infusions will kick in next week and make a huge difference in my energy and depression . thanks for writing back , it helps


thanks for writing back it helps , Just more waiting to hear from Drs and results from all the tests


I would talk to my oncologist about concerns. Your friend on facebook is not the expert. People are often quick to relate info that may or may not be appropriate for your situation. Don't worry about anything - your doctor is there to alleviate your fears!! Barbara


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