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Dentist treatment

I have just started my chemo and I am quite happy as so far no sickness and that was the one I wasn't looking forward to.

My question is are we entitled as cancer patients to free dental treatment. It doesn't look like we are but suddenly realised to most sensible place to ask the question was on here. I had to have 2 lots just before the chemo started and it cost me £70+ which I could spend better elsewhere. I get free prescriptions because I am already past that certain age so they are no problem.



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Hi there Jeanne,

The NHS run a low income scheme throughout England, Scotland and Wales which offers income related help for treatment such as dentistry, sight tests and wigs. Depending on your income, they may partially or fully meet the cost of a service. You may apply for a certificate prior to treatment, or apply for a refund for treatment that has already taken place. The number is 0300 330 1343.

Best wishes,

Beth on behalf of information and support.


Thanks that won't affect me then as I don't get any benefits other than age related ones. I get prescriptions and sight tests for free because I'm over 60. I also got a prescription for a wig but as I've been told I will probably not lose my hair it will only thin I might not bother at all. I will wait and see what happens first. Thank you.


What chemo are you using ,?


I'm on pemetrexed and cisplatin combined chemo.


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