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Have I heard just what I want to hear?

Hi This sounds really silly but I'm starting to think I only hear what I want to. When we saw onc doc he said two months chemo and radio together. So have I just assumed that is it. After reading other posts I think I might be wrong. I convinced my self nsclc does not spread so all would be ok . The doc was positive tho he said you will be classed as cured after 5 years , treatment may affect fertility in the future , you may get heart disease in 25 years. I'm now thinking do they say that to everyone who doesn't get a terminal diagnosis. I don't know actual size of tumour he showed us the scan picture on his computer and I would describe the size as a 10p piece on an A 4 sheet of paper. Wishing everyone well and a merry Christmas xx. Angie

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It can be difficult to take all the information in when you are in the midst of treatment. It sounds as though your doctor is being optimistic about the treatability of your tumour and will be doing that on the basis of its size and type.

We have a pack that you might find helpful "Lung Cancer Answering your questions", this can be posted out to you and is free.

If you have any concerns it is also worth giving your Lung Cancer Nurse a ring, he or she will be able to look at your notes and clarify your treatment plan,

best wishes


on behalf of the Information & support team


Hi Lorraine. Thank you I already have lung cancer pack I got it off LC nurse. Well roll on Monday mike starting his treatment at last! Hope you had a lovely Christmas and wishing everyone a happy new year. Xx angie


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