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I had a chest infection 5-6 weeks ago and was prescribed antibiotics, i smoke about 20 cigs a day an have for about 20 year. The chest infection seemed to clear up, but i still get hoarse and coff, i also have a continuous ache in my back, i actually plucked up the courage to go the drs today, he has said im to have a routine chest x ray, im going on friday. He listened to my chest and said it was clear, im terrified they are going to find irregularities on the x ray

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Hi Bluemom, you must be worried just now with all sorts of thoughts going through your head, but try and relax and wait until you have had your xray results. It's good that the infection has cleared up and there are other causes of your cough and back pain than cancer. You are doing the right thing by going to your GP getting an xray.

Please let us know how you get on.

Good Luck Rab


Thank u for ur support, iv done nothing but cry, im so scared, i wanted to ignore this but family wont let me, x ray in morning but bank holiday weekend is going to be a long one. Thnk u so much for ur reply i need people around me right now xxxxxx


Hi, I know it can be worrying, but being alert as you clearly are is good, if it is cancer, IF, the earlier detected the better and the panic over this disease is subsiding as more treatments come on stream. Many recover fully, the worst is to ignore it and do nothing. My wife has lung cancer, recently diagnosed and could have been caught a bit earlier from the cough and loss of appetite/nausea. If you're eating normally still and all there is is a cough, it could just be 'smoker's cough' and coughing a lot is bound to strain muscles in your back anyway. You really do need to give up, get patches, or if the 'habit' is a problem to stop, e cigarettes are totally safe and will satisfy the urge without putting smoke particulates into the lungs. You'll save a load of money too. You've done the right thing.


Worry is my middle name right now, i can only think in the negative at the moment, i have gone from 20 a day to 5 an i do know i need to go to zero, thank u for ur reply it is nice to know i have support x


Hi Bluemom,

Wise words from both Kai and Rabbie.

I'm very pleased to hear that your GP has requested a Chest xray for you.

Like Kai suggests, giving up smoking is the most important thing you can do for yourself, and hopefully your GP has referred you to smoking cessation services. They will give you support and provide you with evidence based smoking cessation aids. The jury is still out on e cigarettes and the stop smoking team will help you to decide which products will suit you best to help you quit.

Best wishes, Beth,

On behalf of information and support.


I have invested in an e cigarette, i know these arnt ideal but while i wait for the results of what i see as inevitable, these r better than nothing, i just wish i had stopped years ago, thank u for ur reply and support


Im trying to be positive right now, im hoping what ever is found isnt terminal.... Ive managed to cut the ciggies out but its making the coff worse... But regardless of the xray im not gonna smoke anymore....


Well done Bluemom, now that you have made the decision to quit things will get easier and the cravings will stop. I would suggest you visit your GP and ask for patches and a inhalator which will give you something to do with your hands and ask to be referred to your local quit smoking clinic who will also provide you with a direct line to call if you need extra support. Keep up the good work and you should be proud of yourself for stopping smoking which is no easy feat after a twenty year addiction. Reward yourself with a treat as you deserve it.

Sending positive hugs for a positive x-ray result. Moni x


Hi there just to remind you lovely people, that healthunlocked have a community called quit support, it is a brilliant site and helped me when I stopped 2 years ago.

By the way bluemom you will cough when you first quit as your lungs are clearing themselves of all the poisons etc.

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